What To Look Out For At Wimbledon 2020

Another major event in tennis is set to happen in 2020, as the Wimbledon championships will commence from the 29th of June to the 12th of July. Players such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal will compete for the titles once again for Men and Women’s Singles Final.

The Grand Slam will happen at the All England Club, Wimbledon, London. Matches will begin as early as 11:00 am on outdoor courts. However, the action starts at 1:00 pm on Centre Court and Court One.


Even with the event more than six months ahead, some fans are already preparing to score tickets through a public ballot. If you want to learn more about how to obtain tickets for tennis tournaments and enter the public ballot, read on. All the essential details to look out for are here.

Wimbledon 2020

What Is Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is one of the major tennis tournaments in the world, and if often considered as the most prestigious event too. Since 1877, the sporting event takes place at the magnificent All England Lawn Tennis Club, located within Wimbledon in London.


Because of its reputation as the world’s oldest tennis tournament, it is rich in traditions such as dress code for players, eating strawberries and cream, and no sponsored advertising. Royal patronage is also being observed during the tournament, which makes it a historic event for tennis fans to attend.

It is also in this sporting event when the best of the best in tennis try to take home the most coveted title in the world. The Wimbledon 2020 is the third Grand Slam, after the Australian Open and French Open. At the moment, packages are still not on sale, so fans who want to score tickets need to register to the event to get updates on the packages.

Wimbledon Public Ballot

The Public Ballot was introduced way back in 1924, intended to create the fairest means to obtain tickets to the tournaments. Registering and entering the ballot does not automatically mean you can obtain tickets. However, one can get a chance to be chosen randomly by a computerized selection process.


For the 2020 tournament, registration and application for the Public Ballot will be online. There are two phases of the entry, one is the registration which happened last September 9 to October 21, and the Application, which opened Nov. 1 to Nov. 30.

At this point, the registration and application are already closed. Ballots will begin in January 2020. However, you can still purchase tickets by queuing on the day or purchasing tickets the day before online. Wimbledon also has partner hospitality providers, which are guaranteed a ticket for the event.

If you are too late for the debenture seats, you can go after the alternative ticketing options. Just make sure you are dealing with a licensed partner to avoid scams, especially online. Note that hospitality partners only sell tickets if you are going to buy extras.

Ticket Price

The Public Ballot is relatively cheaper compared to other ticketing options. Ticket prices can start at £64 and rise to £225 or higher, depending on the seats. If you are not on the ballot, queuing on the day of the event means paying a higher price for last-minute tickets.

What To Watch Out For At Wimbledon 2020

Expect terrific tennis matches between the world’s most amazing players. This year, there’s still more action as Novak Djokovic holds the title for Men’s Singles and Simona Halep for the Women’s Singles.

What’s more exciting is, next year’s Wimbledon can be Roger Federer’s curtain call. According to reports, the 20-time Grand Slam champion will still decide whether or not to participate in other sporting events after Wimbledon 2020. Citing balance between family time and career, Federer is yet to decide whether or not to participate in the Olympic Games in 2020.

For tennis fans, there are a total of 675 matches during the tournament. This is a huge sporting event, which includes men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. In addition to these five major events, there are also four events in the junior’s category: boys’ and girls’ singles, and girls’ and boy’s doubles.

Bottom Line

Wimbledon is part of the rich history of tennis. Since the early 1900s, participants of the event view this tournament as a grand one. The tennis tournament next year is one-for-books because the best players will face off on the lawn court. If you’ve registered and applied for the Public Ballot, the results will come out in either February or March 2020.