What is the Most Athletic Sport?

There are numerous competitive and professional athletic sports around the world. As a matter of fact, you and your friends might have argued once or twice about which sport is the most athletic and most challenging. 

With different sets of skills and abilities, it can be pretty challenging to determine which is the most athletic sport. While some say that it’s soccer or even basketball, due to the record-breaking stamina it requires, there are more considerations that have to be met. 


In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on the most brutal and athletic sport of all time, including the science behind it. To find out more, be sure to read on. 

What is the Most Athletic Sport?

Main Considerations

Although there are many different categories to take into consideration when choosing the most athletic sport, there are five major categories that we’ll be touching on in this article. 

These categories include agility (the ability to quickly change direction), endurance (stamina), hand-eye coordination (ability to quickly react to sensory perception), speed, and strength (the ability to produce force or the combination of both muscle endurance and raw power). 


The Most Athletic Sport

Every sport poses a different set of challenges for players. While some can be mentally draining and calculating such as baseball or golf, other sports can be physically taxing and demanding.

The various levels of athleticism continuously evolve in the world of professional sports each year. Athletes in their respective fields are not only getting bigger and stronger, but they are also becoming faster and more agile. 

One of the sports that combines the mental and physical rigor required to excel in the field is Mixed Martial Arts, otherwise known as MMA. This can be considered as the most athletic sport today


In the past, experts such as those from ESPN, have touted boxing as the most athletic sport, but this may be because Mixed Martial Arts was a league all on its own. While experts and industry professionals are still debating, the overall evolution of MMA has changed not only the world of martial arts but also the world of sports.

Why MMA is the Most Athletic Sport?

What many people tend to see in such physical sports such as Mixed Martial Arts is the brawl that ensues between two fighters in the arena. Unbeknownst to many, MMA also commands mental acuity in order for fighters to perfectly execute their strategies in the ring. 

Sure, MMA primarily banks on the athlete’s ability to stand their ground against their opponents. This can be chalked up to their physical strength and stamina, most of which can be attributed to their diet and training.

After all, such rigorous training allows wrestlers and boxers to obtain only around 5% to 9% of body fat. This makes them some of the fittest players not just in the arena, but in the world of sports. 

Physical fitness aside, those practicing MMA are agile enough not only to change directions and tactics but also flexible enough in dealing with different types of martial arts disciplines. 

Other Factors

Performing in this field means that you have to be adept and proficient in numerous disciplines, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, and many more. These disciplines all satisfy the conditions and categories mentioned above. 

Moreover, Mixed Martial Artists are limber and subtle, allowing them to perform jaw-dropping feats and acts such as kicking over their heads or even tackling their opponents. 

MMA fighters are also faced with psychosocial components, especially with life and death situations that could possibly affect their life as they step into the ring. 

In fact, no other sport poses such risk, with the possibility of death just looming in the background. 

What is the Most Athletic Sport?

The Bottom Line

The sporting industry is no doubt a cut-throat world. 

While there are tons of challenging sports in the field, MMA requires a lot of physical, mental, and psychosocial aspects, that contribute to its overall toughness.