UFC is Back – Find Out How to Watch on Mobile

If you’ve been missing out on your weekly dose of bloody punches and fancy mixed martial arts, you’ll be happy to know the UFC is back. They might’ve been gone for a while, but they’ve now got 11 matches scheduled this 2020 season. Thanks to online streaming, live-action sports channels are readily available to fans using mobile devices.

Last year, UFC opened a door for innovative streaming by partnering with ESPN. UFC joined ESPN to bring fans martial arts league content, available on television, mobile, and other devices. With this deal, viewers can access Pay-Per-View events and all Ultimate Fighting Championship content.


If you don’t have cable and you want to watch the latest UFC content on your mobile device, here’s a guide to help you. Aside from the ESPN subscription, there are a number of streaming platforms you can use to watch your favorite fighters go at it on mobile.

ESPN+ Subscription

ESPN+ is a sports streaming service that features original video content, live sports events, and news and analysis. This service is home to a wide range of UFC events, including the main events, Women Featherweight, Bantamweight, and Welterweight.

The streaming service is available on smartphones, tablet, and computers. Basically, you can access all the UFC content on ESPN app, available for download for iOS and Android devices. The cost of subscription is $4.99 per month, with access to stories, live streaming, and other on demand clips.


The downside is, the live streaming is similar to the television, showcasing commercials. Moreover, the subscription doesn’t include NBA or NFL games. Subscribers can only watch PGA golf, UFC, college football, tennis, and international soccer.

Fight Night Events and PPV

To maximize the experience and content, ESPN+ offers exclusive PPV matches for $64.99 for existing subscribers. The yearlong plan of ESPN+ with a special bundle of PPV event access is worth $84.98.

The $84.98 annual subscription is 25% off the standard price of the subscription and the access to PPV events. After this promotional period, users can simply renew the regular annual ESPN+ subscription for $49.99.


Simply put, to be able to watch UFC 249, you need to subscribe to ESPN+ first and purchase access to the event. The ESPN+ app can be accessed in mobile devices, computers, tablets, and TV devices including Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and others.

Other Streaming Platforms

There’s also other streaming service that has access to ESPN channels. The following streaming service comes with ESPN channel bundles so you can catch UFC events on your mobile device.

YouTube TV

The popular and premium YouTube TV subscription comes with ESPN, HBO, and Cinemax. This means, you can watch UFC events while you enjoy the premium YouTube television content. The only downside of this subscription is, you cannot stream using Fire devices.

The YouTube TV subscription costs $50 per month, with access to on-demand shows, entertainment channels, and major news channels.


Hulu’s subcription costs $55 a month with flexible add-on channels including HBO, Cinemax, and Starz. ESPN is already included in the monthly subscription, hence, you can watch live fighting events using your smartphone.

Hulu can be used on Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio SmartCast TV, and Apple TV.

Sling TV

Another streaming platform to check is Sling TV, which has two subscription packages. The Orange plan costs $30 per month and the Blue + Orange plan costs $45 a month. Premium channels like ESPN are included in both plans, therefore, you can easily watch a UFC event.

Sling TV is available on Roku devices, LG and Samsung Smart TV, however, HBO and Cinemax channels aren’t available.

AT&T Now

Although the Max plan rings in $80 a month, AT&T Now subscription gives users access to the widest selection of premium channels including HBO Max, ESPN, and others. The Plus plan charges only $55 per month but with limited access to premium channels. ESPN is available on Plus plan.

Bottom Line

Thanks to technology and further innovation, television shows and premium channels can now be accessed using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You only need to subscribe to a streaming service mentioned to enjoy live streaming of sports events, especially UFC.

Check out available plans at ESPN+ and other streaming service. You can customize the plan and add premium channels to your subscription.