Did You Know You Can Watch Sports On Amazon Prime?

Do you want to know how you can watch live sports without having a cable subscription?  For many sports enthusiasts, finding the perfect streaming service that allows them to keep up with all of their favorite sports is crucially important. However, many platforms that claim to offer this service are unreliable.

Fortunately, with Amazon Prime’s diverse channel collection, sports fans can now enjoy a great deal of sports-focused channels in one place. This service will let them stream all the primetime games and general sports coverage they want to watch. It is the answer to a sports lover’s prayers.


If you’re one among the many fans who are still considering whether to subscribe for an Amazon Prime account, check out this article! Here is a brief guide on why you may want to give Amazon Prime Video a try. 

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Can You Watch Sports On Amazon Prime?

Perhaps, the first question to pop into your mind is whether you can watch sports by simply subscribing to Amazon Prime. The answer, of course, is yes! In particular, through Amazon Prime Video channels, customers are able to purchase or rent a selection of ala-carte channel subscriptions from the Prime Video catalog.

In other words, Prime subscribers are given the chance to avail add-on channels that will provide them with the contents that meet their interests in exchange for monthly fees. This doesn’t just give them the chance to ditch the need to pay for channels they won’t watch, but it also provides users the flexibility and control over their selections on channel options.


To date, there are many sports-related channels available in Amazon Prime that are sure to help sports fans discover and keep an eye on the unique sports they are interested in.

How To Get Channels That Match Your Interest

Customizing your channel list has never been easier with Amazon Prime Video. To do so, you will only need to visit the Amazon Channels official page. From there, you will be presented with a list of channels that are accessible through the service. You can try out as many channels as you’d like, especially since customers are provided with a 7-day free trial when they first add a channel.

What Are the Best Amazon Prime Video Channels for Sports?

Overall, Amazon Prime Video Channels offer more than 150 Channels you can choose from, ranging from HBO to STARZ to Shudder to Best of British Television. However, if you want to maximize the service to watch both live sports and other sports-related programs, then here are a few of the best channel options you might want to consider.


TV – $24.99 per month

Serving as the premier source for baseball-related information, including baseball news, statistics, and sports columns, the TV channel allows baseball enthusiasts to watch and be updated with the latest baseball games anywhere.

Although it does not offer any single team options under the Prime service, customers can still watch out-of-market games LIVE or on-demand in HD quality while enjoying easy billing.

CBS All Access – $5.99 per month

If you’re the type who finds delight in watching sports of any variety, then CBS All Access might be the best channel to bet on. Through the said Prime option, you can stream and watch live sports games, such as NFL, PGA, college basketball, and football, right from the comfort of your mobile device.

PGA Tour Live – $9.99 per month

If you’re an avid golf fan, then PGA Tour Live should be on top of your Prime Channels list. With this channel, you can enjoy streaming LIVE golf tournaments and watching highlights from the PGA TOUR. Offering nearly 900 hours of golf coverage, the channel comes as a great way to quickly get caught up on your favorite players through tournament previews, on-demand replays and player interviews.

Sports Illustrated – $5.99 per month

Working similarly to an on-demand version of a sports network, Sports Illustrated comes as a great way to discover and keep up with the latest sports happenings. With this channel, you can access daily sports news, review expert analysis, watch highlights, see statistics, and know the latest scores of different sports events all over the globe.

The channel also offers documentaries and major sports movies that are sure to make your subscription even more worthwhile.


Ready to explore the adrenaline-inducing and heart-pounding events of the sports empire? Through Amazon Prime, you can now sit back, relax, and enjoy watching high-quality sports shows using only your device.