How to Watch Football on Mobile: A Beginners’ Guide

Football has become so popular that even nations without international or club tournaments have thousands of followers.  Annually, there are highly anticipated international and club tournaments. Every event has high-stakes bouts.


Everyone wants big-screen TVs for football. However, fans who are always on the go can miss football matches. Fortunately, mobile apps can now help users stream football matches on mobile phones.

There are a plethora of apps and websites where fans may stream their favorite games. Discover which apps provide access to this great content. Check out the best football streaming apps for mobile devices.


Mobdro App

Mobdro is a great football app that doesn’t take too long to load and gives you many options. Most people who like football use it, and it works well with Android, Windows, and Mac. It offers users several ways to stream, so they still have options if one link goes down.

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Mobdro makes it very easy to start a search. You can even save a match in advance so that you will be reminded of it on the day of the match. The best thing about the app is that it is free and has many cool features to make your life easier. The app has excellent football-related content for true fans, such as highlights, analyses, talk shows, and interviews before and after matches. This app has a lot of sports videos, enough for you to watch football for months.


The Mobdro Live TV app works in all formats, including the M3U format. With its high-quality built-in player, powered by its Wi-Fi and HTTP transfer server, you will surely enjoy the games. This app doesn’t make you look through each website to find the best free streams. You can mark streams as favorites so that you can go straight to that website the next time you want to watch something.

You can also tell your friends what you’re watching. You can also download and watch the show whenever and wherever you want. If you can’t get online and can’t watch your favorite shows on time, this feature can help.

How Can You Download the Mobdro App?

Install the free Mobdro Live TV app on your Android or iOS device to get all these features. You can get the Mobdro Live TV app from the Apple App Store.


Even if you know nothing about football — or any other sport, for that matter — you are still likely to be familiar with the name ESPN. It is a well-known sports broadcasting channel that has significantly contributed to the digital sphere.

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Football fans were overjoyed to learn that ESPN’s app is now available on smartphones. Both Android and iOS users may use it without any problems.

More than one hundred million people in the United States tune in to watch ESPN online each month, making it the most popular sports programming service available online right now.

The application gives users access to a whole day’s worth of content, some of which consist of live football matches, particularly those coming from the most prestigious European leagues, such as the Barclays Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga. The ESPN app requires payment, and monthly and annual subscription options are available.

How Can You Download the ESPN App?

Sign up for ESPN+, and watch live sports from the best leagues and teams on the streaming service. Get live events from the UFC, MLB, PGA TOUR LIVE, NHL, LaLiga, Bundesliga, college football, basketball, and more.

On the home tab, you can find news about your favorite sports or teams that are playing right now. The scores tab gives you quick access to the scores for your favorite teams and leagues and the top games of the day.

You can subscribe to ESPN+ for $9.99 per month or save over 15% with the $99.99 per year ESPN+ Annual Plan. The ESPN app is free to be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


With Super Sport’s app, watching live football games on video has never been easier. This app is easy to use and has excellent features that let people watch football leagues and international tournaments worldwide. You can even watch matches again that you missed the first time around.

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This app is great because it has a group chat feature that lets football fans worldwide talk about the games in real time. Every game’s highlights and statistics are also shown on the app. You can even mark your favorite team to get timely updates on news, injuries, results, and much more related to that team.

It’s the perfect addition to the World of Champions’ unmatched coverage of the best sports in the world, and it’s made to give you exactly what you want when you want it.

The main focus is on football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, and motorsport, but plenty of other content keeps you glued to your mobile device. Enjoy the games in full color with the app’s rich visual experience for sports fans.

How Can You Download the SuperSport App?

This is the best app for sports fans because it has video highlights, the latest news, live scores, results, schedules, tables, top scorers, rankings, and so much more. Real-time alerts will let you set reminders and stay up to date on your chosen favorites as they play live on SuperSport on DStv.

Speed of data delivery is a big deal so that sports fans can expect up-to-the-minute match commentary and score updates for all their favorite tournaments, like the Premier League, DStv Premiership, Vodacom Super Rugby Unlocked, and more.

The SuperSport App can be downloaded and used for free in all countries.  It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Live Soccer TV App

The Live Soccer TV app allows you to watch on your phone. is a soccer website that has been around since 2004 and has a guide to soccer on TV.

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This guide has information about international broadcasts, soccer broadcast rights, schedules, live scores, statistics, and soccer news. Live Soccer TV shows live soccer scores, lineups, statistics, match events, live text commentary, and social media content for soccer games.

The Live Soccer TV app has news about the Premier League season ending and the one still going on. Live Soccer TV lists all the ways you can watch live soccer, including TV, live streaming, over-the-top (OTT), radio, on-demand, TV replays, and other relevant shows. You can also learn more about the channels, broadcasters, and OTT services in your area by going to the channel information.

How Do You Download the Live Soccer App?

A list of the domestic TV rights for each sporting property is available on each soccer channel, in addition to other information about the channel, such as its broadcast quality and the firms responsible for operating the channel.

You may add live games featuring your favorite teams to your calendar and find out when they’ll be broadcast. Follow your favorite teams, leagues, games, and channels. You’ll get visual and audible alerts five minutes before games start.

Installing the Live Soccer TV app, available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store is the best way to ensure you do not miss any football matches.

LiveScore App

LiveScore tells you the latest scores and what’s going on in sports right now. Everything about soccer, from goals to cards to schedules to final scores. LiveScore has everything a sports fan could want.

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Get quick updates on the scores, goals, and red cards for multiple matches and sports simultaneously, including MLS and Premier League. You can choose which match events you want to hear about in your settings. Watch several soccer experts give LiveScore analysis that isn’t available anywhere else. The team will talk about insights, post-match reviews, player transfers, and what they’re looking forward to in upcoming games.

Check out your team’s upcoming games, the current table standings, news, videos, and player stats to see who the top scorers are.  You can also find the latest LiveScore video news from football leagues like the Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, and Bundesliga.

How Can You Download the LiveScore App?

Use the calendar to find MLS, Premier League, and Champions League games that are coming up. As the scores for MLS, Premier League, Champions League, and LaLiga, the league tables are updated to show the new champions.

LiveScore has given you live sports scores and data in real-time since 1998. LiveScore is the leader and creator of live score updates, so millions of people worldwide trust it and use it every day. It focuses on soccer, football, tennis, cricket, basketball, and hockey.

LiveScore is a popular way to discover the latest sports scores worldwide. The app lets you use the live streaming service. It’s free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


You can watch football on your phone no matter where you are because there are many ways to do it. All of the above apps are easy to use, which both new and experienced users will love.

Most of them work with both iOS and Android. Some of them might have to pay a fee once a month or once a year.