Watch Football Championships from Anywhere – Try it for Free

One of the most loved sports in the world today has got to be football, or as some would have it, soccer. The game is played around the world by great athletes and avid fans alike. With millions watching games from different leagues in different countries, football is truly a global sport like none other.

The thing about this game is that with its ever growing popularity, the price of watching a game increases as well. And that’s just watching the game in the stands. The English Premier League, which is the biggest football league in the world, earns millions of dollars from fans who watch the game from the stands. 


And that’s why the need to watch the games on TV has grown. For most people, high stadium prices and the fact that they may not live near their favorite team lead them to watch the games on TV or through various streaming services. Now, with phones you have apps that can help you watch championships from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the apps you need to check out.

Watch Football Championships from Anywhere - Try it for Free
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Live Football TV

The first app that you want to look at when you’re looking for somewhere you can get live streams of almost all soccer games is this app. You can watch games from almost all over the world as different leagues are carried on this app.

The app is available on Android devices and it comes in free of charge. Go to your Google Play Store to locate the app today. 


The drawback to this app, however, is that it has a number of ads that you have no control over. To use the app, just click on the menu section that’s on the left hand side when you launch the app. From there, you can sample some of the games available. 

Fox Sports Live

Another app that is fast growing in reputation is Fox Sports live from Fox Media. The app’s best feature is that it is available across all devices that you can imagine.The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows, among other devices. It is also available across all streaming services. Using the app when you launch it is quite easy as you can easily operate the app through the menu button. 

Live Soccer TV

One of the biggest apps today that you can use to stream live football today is Live Soccer TV.  With this app, you can watch games from the English Premiership, La Liga, and all the major leagues across the world. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and it is free. This app, like the other one above, has a number of ads that pop up every now and then. 


Live Football TV Euro

If you want to watch most of the European league matches live then you need to download the Live TV Euro app. With this app, you can watch games from the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, League 1, and Serie A. The app is available for Android users free of charge.

In addition, it’s quite easy to use because you need no technical know-how to operate it. However, this app video quality can’t be changed even if you are watching the game in poor quality. You also get a number of ads that you need to contend with when you watch the game. 

Watch Football Championships from Anywhere - Try it for Free
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Live NetTV

Another one that you need to check out is Live NetTV. With this last app on the list, you are able to stream at least 700 channels. Even better, they are absolutely free of charge and that includes a number of football games all across the world. 

The app is available only on Android devices and you can download the app for free through the Google Play Store. What makes this app amazing is that it’s totally ad free and you get zero interruptions while you watch the game you love. 


Football is a universally loved game that everyone wants a chance to watch from anywhere in the world they may be in. And with smartphone apps coming to the rescue, you can enjoy your favorite team taking on an opponent from the comfort of your phone.