What To Expect At The US Quidditch Cup 2020

Reading a captivating book or watching an excellent film can definitely make it difficult to return to your own reality. For fans of the Harry Potter franchise, the closest thing they can get to the magical world created by J.K. Rowling is to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio locations. You might also think of visiting the filming locations used in the movie to truly feel immersed. 

If you think a theme park or an expensive tour is your only ticket to this wonderful world, think again. You can feel closer to this fantastic creation by participating and even simply attending the US Quidditch 2020 games! Complete with the snitch, quaffles, bludgers, and brooms to boot, you can truly feel like you are in an actual Quidditch game. 


Planning to attend this year’s events? There are a few things you can expect. Check them out below. 

US Quidditch Cup 2020
Image from USQ Cup

5 Exciting Things You Can Expect

1. Familiar Mechanics And Moves 

Fans of the Harry Potter franchise are probably familiar with the mechanics of this fictional sport. Potterheads surely know the rules of the game, like the number of points the team can earn every time a chaser throws a quaffle through a hoop. So, when you watch this real-life iteration of the sport, you can expect familiar mechanics, albeit altered to suit the obvious lack of magic and wizardry in real-life.  

Another thing you can expect is familiar aspects of real-life sports such as rugby, dodgeball, and tag. While the sport takes inspiration from the fictional game, it is grounded in actual sports to create a unique mix.


2. Intense Competition 

In the books and the movies, Quidditch has always been an extremely competitive sport. Those who have read or seen the fourth installment know how fans of professional teams can be vicious when it comes to supporting their teams and favorite players. The same kind of intensity can be observed in the real-life version of the game.  

In fact, every game can be extremely spirited, especially as the real version is a full-on contact sport, just like in the original version. Let’s just hope that the players don’t attempt to perform the extremely dangerous Wronski Feint. 

3. Fantastic Merchandise 

Just like any other sport, the adapted version has different teams and their own sets of fans to support them. The best way to show allegiance to your favorite teams is to wear the respective merchandise of the team you support. Usually, you can buy these items from official online shops or at the event itself.  


You will have the opportunity to buy official US Quidditch merchandise at this year’s event. Moreover, you may be able to find merch for each participating team. This is good news for fans. Whether you support the Harvard University Horntails by wearing their signature maroon color or you root for the Illini Ridgebacks Quidditch Team by wearing their dragon-inspired colors, you can show your allegiance.  

4. Amazing Refreshments 

No sporting event would be complete without refreshments. In fact, hotdogs, popcorn, and soda are some of the staple food items during these affairs. Because of this, you can definitely score some delicious refreshments at the US Quidditch Cup 2020. The best thing is that you will have the chance to try out the food and drinks inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that you can now only dream of tasting! 

5. Tons Of Potterheads 

Because this sport is inspired by the books and the movies, you can expect to meet a whole lot of Harry Potter fans. This is a great way to meet fellow Potterheads while cheering for the team you support. Who knows? You might even make new friends for keeps, especially as you share a love for Rowling’s magical work! 

US Quidditch Cup

The Bottom Line

Nothing beats the original, but with the US Quidditch 2020 events, you can definitely feel immersed in the beloved wizarding world of Harry. Hurry up and grab tickets for the games while they last!