The Top 5 Teams in Women’s Soccer

Truly, the soccer craze knows no gender. Gone where the days where the sport was largely considered a men’s game. To date, as girls become more involved in the world of sports, it’s no surprise that there is now a huge surge in interest directed towards women’s soccer.

Generally, the history of women playing soccer goes way back. However, due to the sexism and eugenic mindset, the practice has been dismissed and even banned in many countries.


If you’re among those who are interested in this sport, you’re probably familiar with some of the teams making headlines by now. We have rounded up the top 5 teams that helped bring the sport into the spotlight.

The Top 5 Teams in Women's Soccer

#5: Sweden

Generally speaking, the Swedish team is not a newcomer to this list. In fact, it has won the European Competition for Women’s Football in 1984 and later bagged Silver at the FIFA World Cup in 2003.

The team is currently under the management of the Swedish Football Association and has housed numerous players including Lotta Schelin, who is considered to be the top goalscorer in the history of Sweden with 85 goals.


To date, as of June 2020, FIFA puts the Swedish Women’s National Football Team at 5th in terms of the world ranking.

#4: Netherlands

Next on our list is the Netherlands Women’s National Football Team. Similar to Sweden’s team, the Netherlands’ takes pride in its long list of achievements. Its participation in international women’s soccer can be traced as far as 1971.

In 2017, the team topped the UEFA Women’s Championship, sealing their position in the international scene with their impressive skills and athleticism. They have also made it to the finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015, finishing 13th place.


To date, they are considered 4th in terms of the world ranking, with 2032 total points.

#3: France

Also called by the name Les Bleues, the French Women’s National Football Team is another one to watch.

While it doesn’t boast a good early record like Sweden and the Netherlands, its staggering growth over the past few years have proved that there is much more to this team than what the world originally expected.

Specifically, its major rise begins at the onset of the new millennium. While the team struggled to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cups in the 1900s, it soon became one of the most consistent teams in the European Championships in the 2000s.

Come 2011, it also participated in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, finishing at 4th place. Now, the team takes the 3rd spot under FIFA’s June 2020 record, with 2036 points.

#2: Germany

Considered to be one of the most successful teams in women’s soccer, the group takes pride in its consistent high-ranking records.

Aside from two world champions, the team has also bagged eight of the twelve UEFA European Championships, six of those were won consecutively. On top of that, it also has three consecutive bronze medals at the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament and an Olympic gold in 2016.

One of the team’s most popular players is Birgit Prinz, who won the FIFA World Player of the Year award three times.

To date, Germany’s National Football Team continues to live up to its reputation, standing in 2nd spot with 2090 total points for June 2020.

#1: USA

Regarded as the “most successful in international women’s soccer,” this team holds four Women’s World Cup titles, four Olympic gold medals, and eight CONCACAF Gold Cups.

The New York Post even said that the rise in women’s soccer as a “global phenomenon”, was due to the US team’s success.

To date, the team remains to stand as the best team on the women’s soccer field, with 2181 total points.

The Top 5 Teams in Women's Soccer

The Bottom Line

Women’s soccer is now highly popular, with many countries having their own national team.

If you are interested in the sport, then you’ll want to look out for these teams as they compete in international events over the next few years.