Top 5 Live eSports Tournaments Around the World

In case you didn’t know, eSports has a global market size of 906 million dollars. It is expected to rise phenomenally by 2020. The initial prediction is about 1.65 billion dollars. The scope of eSports has grown phenomenally over the years. What used to be something of a pastime earlier is now a multimillion-dollar industry that has competitions all year round across the different countries in the world. The winners of these tournaments make a lot of money in these tournaments, sometimes even millions.

Giant social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube stream these tournaments live. The gaming industry is more mainstream now than it was ever before. Because of this, multiple big-name companies sponsor these events and try to outdo themselves every year. Renowned video game developers like Epic Games and Valve organize global tournaments every year for games that they develop. Well-recognized brands like Red Bull and Microsoft are known for sponsoring such events. There are even companies that have their whole business model based on the industry of eSports.


With so many eSports events going on and so many about to happen, you may be looking for the best ones out there. Well, do not worry, as this article will thoroughly discuss 5 of the best eSports events happening around the world in 2019. So without further ado, let us proceed with the list.

The 5 Best Live eSports Tournaments

1. League of Legends World Championship

Most of you have probably heard of League of Legends even if you have not played it. It made an impact as soon as it became available to gamers. Its smooth gameplay and graphics are a big reason behind its popularity, which is precisely why Riot Games decided to organize a worldwide tournament for League of Legends players.


Twitch has a large number of professional players who like to stream their performances live on the platform. Because of this, the League of Legends became more successful, which encouraged more people to play and excel in this game. Because of this, participation in League of Legends tournaments increased as well. Although the tournament’s qualifying round began on the 3rd of February in 2019, there haven’t been any announcements regarding the final world championship.

Usually, it happens during the latter part of the year between October and December. The tournament held in 2018 was considered a monumental event in eSports history. The game faces tough competition this year due to the increasing popularity of Fortnite. However, it will hold its ground and may even improve upon last year’s success. Paris, France, will be hosting this year’s League of Legends world championship.

2. Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup tops the list of most anticipated eSports events of this year, and rightfully so because of its winning prize of 100 million dollars. No other tournament so far has been able to match this amount. Epic Games, who happens to be the developer of Fortnite, is organizing this tournament. Although the World Cup was scheduled to take place in 2019, its qualifying rounds began in 2018’s fall.


Contrary to other tournaments, Epic Games announced that team and franchise participation for the world cup would be based on merit. The organizers of this tournament faced some backlash from the professional players, as they mistakenly scheduled an event on Thanksgiving, which many consider a prominent public holiday. Despite these small headaches, the tournament did not and will not lose its popularity and will remain one of the most anticipated eSports events of this year.

3. Call of Duty World League

This is also an annual eSports tournament for deciding who the best at the game is. Organized and developed by Activision publishing, the Call of Duty World League began in January 2019. Sixteen teams will compete against each other for bragging rights and a hefty 3 million dollar winning prize. This year’s tournament will have the biggest prize money among all of Call of Duty World Leagues. The game will be contested in five on five formats, and there will be no regional restrictions. This will allow people from different parts of the world to take part in the tournament.

4. IEM Katowice

Season 13 of the Intel extreme masters is a huge counterstrike eSports tournament held every year. ESL and Valve Corporation organize this event. The tournament started earlier this year in February 2019, in Katowice, Poland. The 1 million dollar prize money is a big attraction for participants. Despite being popular for so many years, Counter-Strike remains as relevant as ever.

5. The International

This tournament is famous among Dota 2 players and is among the most anticipated events of the year. Because of the extraordinary player base of Dota, players from all around the world try to participate in this tournament. This tournament is also organized by Valve Corporation. Shanghai’s Mercedes Benz Arena will host this tournament. The tournament began in mid-August.

eSports events will only become more popular in the coming years. Consequently, their participants and prizes will increase, as well. If you are a fan of gaming, you should participate in these tournaments or simply watch them to admire the skills that pro gamers put on display. For more information and sports news, click here.