Top 10 Best Gifts For Gym Lovers

Tired of giving people the same old stuff for Christmas and birthdays? If you know someone who loves the gym, the best thing to get them is something they’ll actually use! Trust us, they’ll thank you for it. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gifts you can get someone who can’t get enough of working out. They’re all items that can switch up someone’s exercise routine and turn them into an iron-pumping, muscle-clad machine! 


They’re also all fairly affordable, making them the perfect presents for almost any budget. Read on for gift inspiration… 

Number One: Foam Roller

A classic bit of gym kit – this will help tone and improve muscle quality, whilst also massaging and aiding recovery with improved blood flow and vascular regeneration.

Number Two: Mini Dumbbells 

Another ultra-classic, this at-home piece of gear allows anyone to workout, anytime. For those days when you can’t make it to the gym, this is fantastic and really helps people stay motivated.


Number Three: Bench

It seems simple, but adding a bench to your exercise routine HUGELY increases the range of exercises one can do, making this a really thoughtful addition for a workout lover.

Number Four: Yoga Mat

Stretching sometimes goes overlooked, especially by men. But, it’s an integral part of any real training program. Whether your friend is a yogi or a weightlifter, they should appreciate this.

Number Five: Ab Wheel

An easy way to work those stomach muscles, an ab wheel provides a fierce workout exercise, despite being small, simple, and cheap.


Number Six: Rowing Machine

Although it’s pricier than lots on this list, a rowing machine is an incredible bit of kit for anyone who is serious about getting fit. It works your whole body and is one of the best cardiovascular exercises around. 

Number Seven: Portable Pull-Up Bar

This is a quick and easy fix to the problem of being able to do pull-ups without a fixed bar. With no installation, these bars (that normally go in doorways) add a really important exercise for home workouts.

Number Eight: Workout Clothing

If you fancy a different tack, try getting someone some snazzy gear as a gift. Not only will it motivate them to get down to the gym, but it will also make them feel cool and comfortable.

Number Nine: Stationary Bike

This is another pricier one, but like the rowing machine, it’s a fantastic tool for the fitness fanatic. With loads of options out there on the market, you can definitely find one that will suit both your loved one and your budget.

Number Ten: Gym Pass

When all else fails, reach into your wallet and cough up some funds for a gym pass! Whether it’s 1 week or 1 year, giving someone cheap or free access to the gym will definitely leave them happier and healthier

We hope you have found these ideas useful! It’s so easy to buy for someone who loves the gym, with a whole world of fitness and workout-related products out there. But, it’s always worth taking a moment to find the perfect thing for the person in your life. For more sports-related articles, click here.