These are the 10 Clubs with the Greatest Financial Power in the World

The industry of sports is one of the most profitable industries around the world. This comes as no surprise as many people worldwide go to great lengths to show their support for their favorite teams. Plus, there are also talks of sponsorships and exclusive deals, allowing these sporting clubs to earn a pretty penny. 

Over the years, there’s no denying the value of sports teams has exponentially risen. With the continued patronage of the people and the strategic and revolutionary changes enacted by their management, it appears that these teams have the highest stakes in the world. 


In this article, you might notice that the NFL dominates the field, alongside the NBA and other premier league clubs in Europe and in the United States. Without further ado, we bring you the 10 clubs with the greatest financial power in the world. Take a look. 

Dallas Cowboys – $5 billion

Though the Dallas Cowboys have failed to win in the Super Bowl since 1996, it appears that the sports franchise is doing something right. After all, it is the only club that’s worth $5 billion today – helping it earn the name “America’s Team.”

Most of its wealth can be attributed to the changes its owner, Jerry Jones, has made throughout the years. Apart from marketing all things Cowboys, Jones has also invested in the team – from stadium sponsorships to creating the team’s own merchandise, and opening up its own practice facility. 


New York Yankees – $4.6 billion

Now onto baseball, the New York Yankees cements itself as another formidable club in the field of sports. In an astonishing move in 2019, the Yankees managed to move up by three spots thanks to their record-breaking growth – a massive 15%. 

Besides the boost in finances, the team is also poised to conquer the green. With around 100 wins, the Yankees are off to a great start this season and parallel the support they have received in the past. 

Real Madrid – $4.24 billion

Coming in next is soccer’s very own Real Madrid. Thanks to its successful run in the past and having secured its second-straight win in the Champions League in 2018, the team added another $100 million to its name. 


Barcelona – $4.02 billion

Fans of the great Lionel Messi will surely rejoice knowing Barcelona made it to the list. Though it is the only sporting club in this list to lose a whopping $37 million thanks to player costs, Barcelona remains steadfast and secure in its $4.02 valuation

New York Knicks – $4.02 billion

Owned by no other than the management behind the Madison Square Garden Company, the New York Knicks basketball team made another record for the year. Though the team has yet to reach great success on the court, its financial records show that it continues to perform well off the court. 

Sources say the increase in revenue may have stemmed from the Madison Square Garden’s restoration, costing $1 billion. 

Manchester United  – $3.81 billion

It appears that Manchester United paved the way for the makings of the richest sports teams. In 2012, it was the only pro club that was valued at $2 billion. 

In recent times, the team dropped into the sixth spot on this list after having failed to secure a major trophy since 2012. Today, however, it keeps its valuable partnerships with some of the most distinguished brands around the globe, including Chevrolet, Adidas, and Kohler.

New England Patriots – $3.8 billion

Back-to-back wins and stellar performances from the players, especially with Tom Brady at the helm, has helped this NFL team to get more wealth into its pockets. Thanks to their seventh Super Bowl win and the numerous partner establishments, the Patriots valuation went up by 3%. 

Los Angeles Lakers – $3.7 billion

Though the Los Angeles Lakers have seen better times, there’s no doubt that the team – and its financial wealth and influence – remains stronger than ever. 

Having earned an additional 12% for the year, the Lakers can thank its success from various radio and TV deals, as well as its strong roster of players. The coming of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and DeMarcus Cousins can only propel this team to the top. 

Golden State Warriors – $3.5 billion

Undoubtedly one of the heavyweights in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors remains a top fan favorite thanks to threats such as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. 

Part of its wealth increase can be attributed to its Rakuten deal valued at $20 million a year. It helps that the team’s stadium, Chase Center, also draws in big crowds. 

New York Giants – $3.3 billion

Last but certainly not least is the New York Giants. With the Giants yet to win another Super Bowl since 2012, the club’s other sources of income come in handy, such as those from the MetLife Stadium. In addition, its partnership with Verizon and Toyota also helped keep the team running. 

Thanks to its lucrative deals, the New York Giants hopes to secure that ‘W’ soon, especially with new management in place. 


Now that you know the world’s wealthiest sporting clubs, you might have a deeper appreciation for the workings of the industry. From here, you can see that more than the partnerships and the deals, building a team from the ground up also requires hard work and of course, an exceptional team