The Top Players in Japanese Volleyball

Volleyball is among the most played games across the world, including in Japan. It involves a team of six players and requires great skill to win the match. The rules of the game are simple, including the three touch rule. In Japan, some top players have won numerous championships.

For you to be a top player in Japan, you must have certain skills and must have played numerous games. Japan has won numerous awards, such as bronze medals in different tournaments.


Most top players that play for the Japanese volleyball team have what it takes to win different international competitions. Volleyball is all about jumping and having the tactics pass the ball to the others. Here is a list of top scorers in Japan and what they represent.

The Top Players in Japanese Volleyball
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Yuji Nishida

Yuji is a prominent Japanese volleyball player who is currently serving for the JKETK Stings. His volleyball club is based in Kariya Aichi, Japan. In 2018, Nishida made his way up after winning a match against Osaka Blazers Sakail.

In September the same year, Nishida became the youngest player to join JKEKTs. He was only 17 years when he started trying out for an international team. Yuji is now 20 years old and has won numerous championships while playing for his country.


Yuji also weights 80kg and has a height of 186. He serves in the opposite spike position, which has earned him fame and made him the top player in Japan. Yuji Nishida earns between ¥2,868,499, and ¥4,650,564. However, this pay varies with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yuki Ishikawa

Yuki Ishikawa is a prominent player in Japan. He is an active member of the Japanese Men’s National Volleyball team. However, he currently plays for the Italian Club Kioene Padova. Ishikawa is 24 years old.

Ishikawa plays as the outsider hitter and number 14 on the national team. He has played for numerous games earning him fame and more skills that help him remain on top. In 2014, he joined the Parmareggio Modena and a year later joined Chuo University.


After earning extensive experience, Ishikawa joined Emma Villas Sien before joining his current team. He receives a salary of 500k annually. He also has a net worth of 3 million.

Tatsuta Fukazawa

Tatsuya Fukazawa is a 33-year-old Japanese volleyball player playing for Panasonic Panthers. He plays in the wing-spike number three on the national team. Tatsuta has been playing since in 2005, earning more skills as well as gaining more fame in the world. He is currently playing for the Paris Volley.

Tatsuya’s net worth is $1 million to $5 million. Moreover, he is a talented and dangerous player with numerous awards. He has been featured in different news articles, as they appreciate his talent.

Akihiro Yamauchi

Akihiro Yamauchi is a 26 years old Japanese volleyball player. He is currently playing for Passions Panthers of Japan. Yamauchi is in the top ten of the Japanese national volleyball team and has what it takes as a volleyball player. Moreover, he plays in the middle blocker position.

Previously he played for Aichi Gakuin University until 2015, when he joined his current team. His current pay is under review due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Akihiro Yamauchi is a devoted, talented, and active player. He has an exquisite talent that has earned him a new legacy in this field.

The Top Players in Japanese Volleyball
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Kunihiro Shimizu

Kunihiro Shimizu is a top player in Japan playing for the Panasonic Panthers. He is 33 years old and has earned numerous awards after participating in many championship competitions. Over the years, Shimizu has given his all, making sure that he remains at the top as a crowned player.

In 2015, he won the Asian Championships, which added to the fame of his skill. He is the number one player on the National Volleyball team of Japan. Shimizu earns approximately ¥4,650,362 per year.

The Bottom Line

Volleyball is among the most played games in Japan. There are top players ranked based on their scores, skills, and experiences. These players make a lot of money, which helps them maintain their status socially and professionally. Do you think you have what it takes to be a top volleyball player?