The Routine of a Famous Athlete – Check It Out

The best athletes are not made overnight. They are a product of talent, hard work, discipline, and a strong will. A key part of becoming a famous athlete is having the dedication to stick to a daily routine that guides day-to-day life. 

When you look at the routine of a famous athlete, you will see how they impose discipline on themselves. Those who are aspiring to be great in their sport will need to establish an effective routine that allows them to maximize their potentials.


Let’s take a look at Serena Williams’ workout regime to see how a professional athlete starts and ends her day. She is one of the most successful athletes and is known for her tremendous success.

The Routine of a Famous Athlete - Check It Out
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What a Famous Athlete Does Daily

Start the Day Early

For Williams, starting the day early is an essential part of every morning. It may not be as early as some billion-dollar CEOS, but this athlete starts her day at 7 a.m. 

She says it’s the best time to spend with her family and get a nourishing breakfast. In fact, she also takes this time to prepare healthy meals and snacks for the day so she can stay on track.  


This is great practice for someone who trains a lot and has a daughter to boot. After all, growing children need consistent routine, and watching their parents have one can go a long way in helping them establish one too. 

Train, Train, Train

This tennis star has won more Grand Slams in women’s tennis tournaments than anyone in history, so you better believe she trains hard.

After breakfast, Williams plays tennis with her father or sister as part of her training. She is comfortable being in court and is striving to have more fun in court when playing casually and professionally.


She also trains outside the court. Aside from tennis, she also loves dancing and she takes dance classes as part of her training. 

In addition to that, she does additional workouts that include core, endurance, and strength training. 

Adjusting Diets

Serena Williams eats a mainly raw vegan diet, which means the majority of her food is not cooked. Some of the things she’ll eat daily are sprouted quinoa, lentils as well as a variety of fruits like strawberries and mango.

She admits that when she isn’t training, she’ll go for fried chicken and pizza on the odd occasion. However, when Williams has a tournament she adjusts her diet and goes completely sugar-free and vegan. 

Nevertheless, she eats pancakes with her family every Sunday when not preparing for tournaments.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Williams usually takes dance classes with her friends and says she loves hanging out with them. She prioritizes spending time with her loved ones, especially her daughter and husband. After a day of training, she shares a meal with her family. 


Aside from training and spending time with her family, Williams has two activities that she lives by to distress. She believes it is important to turn her mind off for a while to let go of stress.

So every day she takes time to meditate and to watch silly TV that allows her mind to rest. She is pretty busy between tennis and her businesses Serene Ventures and Serena Clothing, so she tries to make time for recreation. 

Overall, she loves doing something entertaining and silly. The famous athlete also takes time to go on social media. She has an active social media, which helps her chronicle the joys and struggles of motherhood. 

She also has an Instagram account for her daughter and another one for her daughter’s doll.

Get Enough Sleep

Williams may be getting up early in the morning, but she makes sure to get enough sleep. The average human needs seven to eight hours of sleep. 

Williams goes to sleep at midnight and wakes up at seven in the morning, so she gets seven hours of sleep. She said she used to have trouble going to sleep, so she co-founded a sleep aid company with LeBron James and several others.

The Routine of a Famous Athlete - Check It Out
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The Bottom Line

Becoming a famous athlete takes time, patience, and perseverance, and a daily routine can help you with that. You can take a page out of Serena’s rulebook to get your own schedule on track too.