The Requirements to Participate in Heavyweight Boxing

Do you find it odd, fascinating, and funny that you fight with someone in the streets to gain scars, bruises, and wounds while others only win a fight and obtain a champion belt along with hundreds of thousands of dollars? Life is unfair, you may say, but why don’t you bring that inside the ring? 

Heavyweight Boxing is a sport typically played inside a four-cornered, square-shaped ring encased by parallels of rope. For sure, a lot of people are familiar with this sport since there are a couple of times in a year when groups of people gather to watch the fight of their favorite boxers live on the television together. 


Some of the famous boxers in history are Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Juan Manuel Marquez, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and others. 

The Requirements to Participate in Heavyweight Boxing
Image Source: LA Times

Since this highly athletic sport inflicts violence and is potentially harmful, the boxers must wear protective equipment such as cushioned gloves, mouthpiece, and headgear during any sport whether at Olympic levels or simply amateur. 

They don’t just vigorously train for 24 hours and expect to be ready to stand inside the ring. It takes a long time of training to qualify for such a sport, especially if you plan to compete under the heavyweight division.


Weight Requirements

The following are the weight divisions among men’s boxing. 

  • Minimum weight – 105 pounds (48 kg)
  • Light flyweight – 108 pounds (49 kg)
  • Flyweight – 112 pounds (51 kg)
  • Super flyweight – 115 pounds (52 kg)
  • Bantamweight – 118 pounds (53.5 kg)
  • Super bantamweight – 122 pounds (55 kg)
  • Featherweight – 126 pounds (57 kg)
  • Super featherweight – 130 pounds (59 kg)
  • Lightweight – 135 pounds (61 kg)
  • Super lightweight – 140 pounds (63.5 kg)
  • Welterweight – 147 pounds (67 kg)
  • Super welterweight – 154 pounds (70 kg)
  • Middleweight – 160 pounds (72.5 kg)
  • Super middleweight – 168 pounds (76 kg)
  • Light heavyweight – 175 pounds (79 kg)
  • Cruiserweight – 200 pounds (91 kg)
  • Heavyweight – above 200 pounds

What You Need To Be A HeavyWeight Boxer

The Requirements to Participate in Heavyweight Boxing
Image Source: World Boxing News

It will help if you face the fact that becoming a professional boxer is challenging, requiring many specific physical traits and skills. The major boxing commissions recognize and define a heavyweight boxer with suitable size, weight, and bodily physique. 

To be considered a heavyweight boxer, you need to take a look at your physical characteristics, strength, abilities, and endurance as a person.


Physical Characteristics

Boxing athletes, especially those who fall under heavyweights, are generally agile, fast, big, healthy, and have excellent reflexes. Boxers who want to compete in any division need to possess good stamina, helping them throw their strategies successfully without damaging the body. 

Aside from this, a healthy shoulder muscle is an advantage in boxing since it gives you the ability to make such forceful and powerful uppercuts. A solid core is also essential since it will assist you in your defense, considering that both you and the other party are big and heavy.


As they say, “No guts, no glory.” You need to have courage the moment you step inside the ring and face your opponent. You need it even more in resisting the attack and damages you’re going to receive.


Boxers with speed and agility know how to defend themselves in the course of exchanging punches and hits. It is not enough for you to understand how to attack, but it is also important to quickly avoid and predict your opponents’ succeeding movements.


In the heavyweight boxing division, this is an essential strength you need to have; the enormous strength to make powerful attacks. If you have the right power, the body will have longer stamina to fight, and at the same time, you will still have high energy to deliver each punch.


In boxing, only you can make what you are yet to become. This is with the proper use of your skills, what you’ve learned, and what you need to improve. In heavyweight boxing, you need a long time to train to achieve the size, weight, and physical characteristics and traits it requires. 

So as early as today, lay your body down on the floor and do the crunches and sit-ups you’ve been avoiding to do for a long time now.