The Most Impressive High Jump Records

The high jump is a Track and Field event that is usually featured in most Olympic Games and International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Indoor Championships. 

The competitors have to jump without any aide over a horizontal bar without dislodging it. In the modern and most practiced format, the bar is placed in between two standards and there is a crash mat for the landing. 


In this case, the athletes usually run towards the bar by the use of the Fosbury Flop method to jump and they are supposed to lead headfirst and have their backs to the bar. You’ll be surprised by the high jump records set.

The Most Impressive High Jump Records

This was actually among the first-ever events that were deemed acceptable for women and were first held in the 1928 Olympic Games. 


In this review post, we take a look at the most impressive high jump records of all time, for both men and women. Let’s get started

Javier Sotomayor 

High Jump Record – 2.45m

Javier Sotomayor is currently the record holder with a high jump of 2.45m. This record was set in 1993, and it is the longest standing record in the history of Men’s high jump. 

He was born in Cuba and is currently retired. He specialized mostly in the high jump and was dominant in the 90s Olympic Games. His world record makes him the only person in the world to ever jump that high.


Patrik Sjoberg

High Jump Record – 2.42m

Patrick is from Sweden and is in second place with a record of 2.42m in his third attempt at the International Track and Field event. He has a personal height of around 6’6″ which certainly helps with the high jump. 

He bested the previous record set by Igor Paklin of Russia by just 11/2 inches.

Igor Paklin

High Jump Record – 2.41m

Igor Vasilyevich Paklin is a retired Russian athlete who was able to hit a world record of 2.41m. He represented the USSR and later on Kyrgyzstan.

While competing in the High Jump, he won the World Indoor Championships in 1987, as well as a silver medal in the same competition. 

This was the 5th highest jump of all time, and like most modern jumpers, he used the Fosbury Flop style to achieve this goal. 

He was actually the first-ever athlete to do this jump while using his right leg. He was unfortunately imprisoned in 1996 after he beat his business partner to death. 

Stefka Kostadinova

High Jump record – 2.09m

This is a Bulgarian born professional female high jump athlete, who has since retired. Her world record is pretty great for a woman, as she managed to do a 2.09m jump and was the 1996 Olympic Champion. 

She is also a 2-time World Champion and 5 times World Indoor Champion as well. She currently works as the president of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, a job she has done since 2005.

Lyudmila Andonova

High Jump Record – 2.07m

She is a Bulgarian athlete who is currently retired. However, she was a high jumper who broke the world record in the early eighties by clearing the 2.07m jump. 

She also competed in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and the 1988 Games in Seoul as well. Andonova set this particular world record on July 20, 1984, and the competition was held in East Berlin. 

The Most Impressive High Jump Records
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The high jump looks pretty difficult when you’re watching it on TV. It must be judging by the small number of athletes who have achieved high jump records, this is clearly not for the faint-hearted.