The Most Amazing Grand National Horses Ever

Are you a fan of horse racing? Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport that involves two or more horses usually ridden by jockeys and sometimes driven without riders. This is one of the ancient games and this explains why it’s famous for people aged 40 and above. 

Horse racing has a number of variations. They include running over obstacles, restricting races to certain breeds, running on different track surfaces, running over various distances, and running in different gaits, among others. Some of the horses racing types include jump racing, harness racing, and endurance racing.


Do you know some of the most amazing horses that have made this sport interesting overtime? Read on.

The Most Amazing Grand National Horses Ever
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Red Rum (1977)

Red Rum qualifies as number one on this list for a number of reasons. Some people credit him for having saved the great race in 1973. He brought back the great race fans’ and enthusiasts’ waning hope when he won the race for the first time. In the following year, he still did not disappoint but he was runner up and finished second in the following two years.

In 1977 when he got lined up as a 12-year old, many people thought he had lost his chance of making a historical third win. This happened when Brian Fletcher was replaced by jockey Tommy Stack because Fletcher had annoyed the horse trainer, Ginger McCain, by saying the horse was no longer a force of old.


Despite that, Red Rum still carried top-weight and was sent off the 9-1 joint-favorite. He ran after Andy Pandy and came home 25 lengths clear. He got his third Grand National Triumph preceded by only loose horses. 

Aldaniti (1981)

The triumph of Aldaniti and Champion, his rider, is pure fairy tale given that two years prior, all odds were stacked against any of them making it to Aintree. 

Aldaniti’s career hung in the balance after he had broken down and Champion was diagnosed with testicular cancer and left with eight months to live. Amazingly, both guys were nursed back to health and were able to compete in the world’s greatest steeplechase.


As the competitions were ongoing, Aldaniti made a bad mistake at the first fence which almost ended his dream. However, he recovered and Champion let him bowl along up front and he took a clear lead by responding to Champion’s advice to hold Spartan Missile that was ridden by amateur John Thorne by four lengths. Interestingly, this story ends up with both of them as champions, more like a movie.

Devon Loch (1956)

One of this sport’s mysteries was when Devon collapsed 50 yards away from winning the post. Devon had the race in his grasp and had enthusiasts and fans thinking they were going to see the first Royal victory in 56 years. 

When the nine-year-old, Queen mother-owned Devon took up the running three fences from home, people’s hopes went raging so high until he suddenly slithered and sprawled to the ground changing the National dream into a nightmare.

The Most Amazing Grand National Horses Ever
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Tiger Roll (2019)

Since the race changed in nature as from the 1970s, many punters believed there would never be a second Red Rum. The handicappers made it hard for previous winners that were used to the old ways. 

Amidst all this, Tiger Roll demystified that theory and became an easier winner than he was in 2018. Davy Russell kept him in touch throughout and he kept on the bridle approaching the Elbow which made him a winner over two lengths.

The 10-year-old horse has also won the Triumph Hurdle, Cross Country Chase, and National Hunt chase twice which makes him a four-time Cheltenham Festival winner. Tiger Roll is no ordinary horse because he was one year younger than Red Rum when he won the third title, which Red Rum enthusiasts disapprove of.

Final Word

Equestrian sports are some of the oldest and here are a number of great horses that have participated in Grand National and other competitions and become victorious. Some had to beat health issues like Aldaniti breaking down and his rider diagnosed with testicular cancer. Red Rum made history when he saved the race by winning in 1973.