The History of Women’s Volleyball

The game of women’s volleyball involves two teams with six players on  each side. They are separated by a net, and each team has to try ground the ball to the other team’s side of the court for them to win. There are set rules to be followed.

Volleyball was introduced in 1895 at a YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts but later spread across the world. Soon, women found out that this game was also a significant opportunity to show their skills.


Since in the 1930s, the Women’s Volleyball Association has been intact. There are many associations, such as the Women’s Professional Volleyball Association in support of this game. In 1987, the first women’s professional volleyball game was held in Newport Beach, CA.

The History of Women’s Volleyball

When It Started

Women’s volleyball, despite being the most-played sport by women, has a humble beginning. Over the years, it managed to capture the attention of a large group of people across the world. In 1985, William G. Morgan launched volleyball to offer people a new opportunity.

Later, different groups started sponsoring the Women’s Volleyball group. Today, there are numerous women’s volleyball associations from all over the world.


Women’s volleyball is unique in terms of set rules, players, and other specifications. However, it is among the most played games in the world, with thousands of teams and associations. The idea of this game was from handball and tennis.

Global Rules Changed Over Time

Women’s volleyball started setting the rules for the game as YCMAs popularity continued developing. This association was playing a significant role in India, China, Europe, and South America, to name a few places. Volleyball soon spread into other areas as other sponsors took note of this game.

By 1913, Asia had joined in the support for women’s volleyball and included it in the First Far-Eastern games. Women have an opportunity to show their skills in this game and work their way up to the top. However, the rules of playing the game kept on changing with time.


Over the years, the points were changed from 20 to 15 in early 1917. In the next year, the number of players in the team was set to six.

In the Philippines, there was a new rise in an offensive way of playing this game. They introduced the setting and spiking where players take a cue in the gameplay. The rules of the game were further regulated to manage the scoring system and the control of three hits per player introduced.

Such rules boost harmony in the game and allow every player to play in the game. 

All referee calls are final in a women’s volleyball game, and they use rally scoring. The server is given five seconds to serve or the team loses possession of the ball. Moreover, all the passes must be hit and not thrown. These rules are essential to the way the game is played.

Women’s Volleyball Body

In 1947, there was the creation of the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVIB). The association represents several nations across the world. It was meant to govern the game at the international level. Two years later women in the volleyball sector participated in the inaugural world event held in Moscow.

Over the years, volleyball has gained popularity across the world. It’s true to say that in every locality there is a small group of females playing volleyball.

The History of Women’s Volleyball
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What is Women’s Volleyball Like Today?

Today women’s volleyball lasts between 60 to 90 minutes per match. There are referees to keep the peace as well as ensure the team players follow all the set rules. According to FIVB, China currently has the best women’s volleyball team in the world.

This game has become a profession for some people, and it is a good one with high pay. 

The Bottom Line

Women’s volleyball started with humble begins since there was no gender equality. However, today this is not the case. There are women making a lot of money from playing volleyball in different parts of the world. This game is now among the most played all over.