The Best Laguna Surf Spots

How can you mention the term surf spots, without Laguna Beach in California creeping into your mind? In fact, the beach is specifically known for its amazing surf spots. You only need to visit the place to find out more about the best places to surf.

Among the hidden jewels in California lies Laguna beach which is approximately a 95 minute drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego. The beach stretches over around 95 miles which makes it one of the largest beaches in the world today. And with 27 different beaches and coves here, you can now see what the fuss is about over Laguna.


To find out more about Laguna beach, you definitely should read on. Information on some of the most interesting spots where you can surf along this historic beach can be found below. You can also find out more about the times the beaches are open and closed as well.

The Best Laguna Surf Spots
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Thalia Street

Any post done about Laguna beach gives a shout out to Thalia Street. This is one of those areas that you can call the highlight of the stretch as it’s gentleness serenades anyone who visits the beach. You can come out here to just chill out and enjoy the scenery as it’s gentle enough to allow you to enjoy the ocean view.

In addition to being a great spot to relax, it’s one of the most beautiful places to surf. Its gentleness also makes it a place that beginners can use to try out surfing without having to worry about being swept away by heavy waves


Just watch out for the weekends as the spot can really be crowded – especially during the summer.

Sleepy Hollow

If you aren’t into crowds and want a gentle scene when you surf, then you have to check out Sleepy Hollow. You may be avoiding the crowds for good reason, for example, maybe you aren’t a good surfer just yet or you’re generally an introverted person. Whatever the case may be, this is the place you want to be in.

Another reason is that the waves are not as rough as in most spots, so it is perfect for beginners. Also, the expert surfers avoid this spot as it is seen as boring to them. Thus, this can save your embracement of surfing out of your league. 


Rock Pile

Now, if you’re looking for the best waves all across the beach, then this is the place you want to be at. This isn’t a spot that you should go to if you aren’t a pro or experienced surfer. The waves here are fast, rough, and can provide hollow barrels, something that expert surfers consider to be entertaining and engaging.

The downside to this spot is the locals who are pretty choosy and quite territorial about the spot. See, unlike the above spots, locals here are not friendly at all, unless you’re a pro surfer. 

Brook Street

Another spot that is generally reserved for the expert surfers who have the confidence to go out in the raging waves is Brook Street. How high the waves go alone can make any beginner quit surfing even before they get into the water. 

During the summers, here at Brook Street, there is a surfing contest which is fun to watch for anyone who is into surfing but doesn’t have the experience to deal with left breaking waves. Left breaking waves are a common occurrence around this beach which has its first reef 50 meters away. The waves that you have to maneuver here are about 10ft high most of the time. 

The Best Laguna Surf Spots
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Oak Street 

The last spot you need to check out if you want a fun place to surf and with less crowds is Oak Street. Especially if you are picky about parking spaces, then this is the spot you want to have a look at. Due to the small crowds, you can find a greater number of swimmers than surfers

The waves are quite forgiving and they usually tend to break on the sand. This is another fine spot for surfers with little or no experience at all to try out the sport.


With Laguna beach being one of the famous beaches in the US, you definitely should check it out. Especially if you’re enthusiastic about the idea of surfing, because you have some of the best spots to surf both for beginners and experts surfers too.