The Best App for Those Who Love Running – Check it Out

Imagine having to run for your life from a fierce monster (kind of like being in a temple run game). You have to keep running or else it is the end for you. If you’re a runner that fierce monster is that commitment to keeping fit by running. 

That drive cuts through all procrastination and conquers all deviations from your daily running. Whether you are new to running or planning to pick up that running boots once again, a little extra help can always help the best of us.  


With advancing technology, there is a single powerful app on your mobile phone that can track your run and get all sorts of helpful advice. This article brings the best running app perfect for your running goals.

The Best App for Those Who Love Running - Check it Out

The Best Running App

There are hundreds of apps that track and monitor your running performance on both the Google Play Store and Apple store. They have many features as keeping track of your run, checking your heart rate, and an ad GPS location tracker. 


Introduced to you in this article is one of the most powerful running appSTRAVA. It has lots of cool features you’re going to learn about next.

Features of Strava

This app tracks your run speed, calories burnt, distance covered in a run, time used in a run, distance covered, and many other metrics. It records your progress over time and makes your workout challenging. 

It has an extensive GPS location tracker that tracks your location wherever you are, allows you to explore other areas. Strava is a great competitive app as not only can you challenge yourself but also get motivated by friends and strangers. 


It has a great social community that allows you to compare your stats with other friends, family, and other Strava members. It has a leaderboard where you can check the stats of the best runner in your route, vicinity, or town and become the best. 

This friendly competition is among the unique features this app contains. It is also excellent for cyclists, swimmers, hikers, kayakers, surfers, yoga, gym workouts, and lots more.


This is a unique safety feature. Beacon allows up to three people to know the exact location you are running without them having to download the app.

How to Download and Use the App

You can easily download the Strava app by going to the Google Play Store. Then, follow the regular installation process, and voila! Your app is set. The app has a great user experience and user interface. 

Once downloaded and opened, you will be prompted to sign in or create an account if you previously do not have one. Next is to go to Settings at the top right-hand corner of the app. 

This is where you can create and edit your personalized profile, upload a picture, include devices to connect, privacy settings, and your whole experience on the app. When completed, you can use the app to track a run. 

To track and record a run, you need to go to your Strava dashboard and tap the “Record” button, which will then confirm your current location in a few seconds. After which, you click the “Start” button, start running, and the app records your metrics.

How to Explore and Plan New Routes

Strava makes it pretty easy to find places to run. All you need to do is go to the Explore page from the bottom navigation menu and click on “Explore Routes.” 

Here, you can find recommended routes from Strava activities, and you can personalize your route. Personalization can include sport type, typography (level of the land, hills), distance, etc. 

Another cool feature (actually, there are many features to explore) is that you can save your preference after editing your route by tapping “Save Route.” 

This allows you to use that route again, and you can make it visible for everyone by changing the Privacy of your routes.

The Best App for Those Who Love Running - Check it Out


Strava offers users limitless possibilities in the form of an app with a vast community of users allowing interaction and friendly competition. Although most of its features are free, there are a few that you will have to pay for.

For example, if you want to use the Beacon feature (Friend tracker feature), you will have to have a paid subscription.