Sports Stars Use the Aging App and Post the Results – See How it Looks

A few months back, the #AgeChallenge blew up on social media when celebrities and other famous personalities uploaded aged photos of themselves. How did they do this? They created these images by using an application that uses filters to make you look older.

This challenge became so popular that a whole lot of people were using this hashtag and posting aged pictures. Sports fans know that even athletes joined in on this trend, from famous basketball payers to celebrated hockey players.


Wondering what your sports hero will look like after many years? Check out whether they participated in this challenge.

Sports Stars Use the Aging App and Post the Results - See How it Looks

Which Sports Stars Used the Aging App?

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Laker’s star player LeBron James is one of the athletes who posted an aged picture of himself. Looking dashing even with a silver beard, LeBron’s future 50 years from now is certainly looking good.

Stephen Curry

Another NBA powerhouse, Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry, also posted such a photo on his Instagram. The basketball player looked nice in the photo in his suit complete with a sports cap.


Hunter Pence

Based on the image posted on his Instagram, Texas Rangers’ Hunter Pence will age well in 50 years. Pence expressed his love for Major League Baseball when he captioned the post saying, “Still not retired.”

P.K. Suuban

The National Hockey League’s P.K. Suuban posted a photo with partner Lindsey Vonn showing off their good looks even after 50 years. 

Shannon Sharpe

Lastly, former National Football League’s Shannon Sharpe also showed off his aged look. The current sports analyst said that he “still got it” even at 75.


What Aging Apps Should You Use? 

If you are interested in taking a peek at your future self 50 years from now, you will want to check out the app that these athletes used and its alternatives.


Back when the #AgeChallenge became famous, celebrities and everyday users used FaceApp, a Russian application created to help you edit your photos without any hassle. The best thing about it is that it allows you to make interesting changes.

Other than switching background colors, this app also lets you change hairstyles, add facial hair, and even replace that frown with a smile. Of course, you know that it also lets you see what you would look like in 50 years. 


Created solely for letting you see an aged version of yourself, AgingBooth specializes in exactly that. It was developed by the team that gave you the BaldBooth, UglyBooth, and BoothStached.

You can use it to transform your face even without an internet connection straight from your phone’s camera or from your gallery. It also lets you compare the before and after just by shaking your device.


Famous not only for being an effective social media platform, Snapchat is also known for the different and fun filters it offers. Aside from letting you add hair accessories and make-up, this app also has a filter that shows you an aged version of your face.

This Time Machine feature gives you a look into the future, much like the first two. However, Snapchat takes it to another level by including a reverse-aged feature. This means that you will be able to see a version of yourself when you were younger as well. 

How to Do the #AgeChallenge

Doing this challenge is pretty simple. You just have to download any of the apps mentioned above. If you are looking for an overall editing app, then go for FaceApp, but if you want a standalone filter, choose AgingBooth. For social media lovers out there, Snapchat is the best.

After you download the app, simply launch the filter and take photos or upload existing ones. Wait for the filter to take effect and voila! You now have your own aged up photo. Post this image on your Instagram with the hashtag and you are in on the trend.

Sports Stars Use the Aging App and Post the Results - See How it Looks


Playing with filters is definitely fun and interesting. If you want to get in on the trend, then aging apps will surely suit your taste. Just remember that these may not be accurate representations of your future self.