7 Sport Stars Who Made Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

The world of sports is highly competitive, especially during world championships. Every professional athlete wants to take home the gold and, as such, they feel the large amounts of pressure. Beneath the controlled appearance and behavior, some athletes just couldn’t hold their temper due to frustrations.

From basketball, football, tennis, boxing, and even hockey, some sports stars choose to make embarrassing actions that can take a toll on their careers. Aside from getting physical on the field or court, some of these stars involve themselves in controversies even when they are not playing. As a result, they not only get kicked out of the game, but they also lose contracts and sponsorships.


When sports stars have bad behavior, things can get ugly. Though these athletes serve as role models for many young kids, they don’t always act that way. Here are seven sports stars who made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Image from CNN

1. Kobe Bryant – Sexual Assult

Kobe Bryant is undeniably one of the legends in the NBA. His extreme dedication, touch defense, and passion set him apart from other players. Kobe has played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years and won five NBA championships.

Despite the massive success, one controversial issue has tainted Kobe’s image and career. In 2003, a sexual assault case was filed against him that made major headlines. A 19-year-old front-desk clerk said the basketball superstar raped her. Kobe apologized for his behavior and said that the encounter for him was ‘consensual.’

Image source: cnbc.com

2. Floyd Mayweather – Domestic Violence

Floyd Mayweather holds the record for most world titles held simultaneously. His name is already a legend in boxing and overshadowed almost all other veteran boxers in the world. Despite his success, Mayweather was linked to domestic violence that made headlines not just in 2010 but also in 2015 and 2017.

Aside from his ex-wife, Josie Harris, ex-girlfriends also complained about Mayweather’s harassment and violence. In 2011, he resolved felony allegations that he battered his ex-girlfriend. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months in prison due to it being a misdemeanor domestic battery case.

Image from The Dallas Morning News

3. Trevone Boykin – Possession of Marijuana

In 2017, Seahawk’s Trevone Boykin was arrested for marijuana possession and public intoxication. Seattle’s quarterback held two ounces of marijuana according to the Dallas Police. He was arrested in the scene and brought to the police station for investigation.


In addition to possession of an illegal substance, Boykin also had a record of striking a police officer in 2010. He was fined $1,500 plus the court costs of $237. Boykin also served 80 hours of community service and took alcohol awareness and anger management courses.

Image from CNN

4. Alex Rodriguez – Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez was banned from playing the sport for a year due to using performance-enhancing drugs. On Nov. 2014, Rodriguez admits that he used the drugs to get in good shape for the competition.

The Major League Baseball arbitrator Fredric Horowitz ruled on the decision saying Rodriguez will be suspended for the 2014 season. The ruling not only suspended the baseball player but also led to him losing $25 million in salary.

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5. Michael Phelps – Drunk Driving

Olympic gold medalist for competitive swimming Michael Phelps got into a serious controversy in 2014, as he was arrested for drunk driving. He was slapped by the court with a six-month suspension from competitive swimming.

Before the drunk driving issue, Phelps also faced a lot of allegations about his marijuana use. He was also caught on camera cozying up with strippers. The swimmer apologized for his actions on Twitter and checked himself into rehab.

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6. Nick Kyrgios – Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Tennis hotshot Nick Kyrgios was in hot waters when he was caught mumbling ‘dirty scum’ in a match against Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman. On several occasions, Kyrgios was slammed for showing unsportsmanlike behavior, particularly slamming his racket into the ground.

Even though he didn’t get an official sanction, his poor game etiquette made headlines in 2015. In addition to this incident, Kyrgios also made it to the headlines for making sexual gestures during a match. He was fined $17,000 for this particular incident.

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7. Ashley Cole – Drunk And Disorderly

In March 2009, the Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole was arrested for drunk and disorderly behavior. He spent one night in prison after arguing with authorities. According to Cole, he felt that the paparazzi were harassing him.

The footballer apologized for his actions and took responsibility for what he had done. He was taken to the London police station at South Kensington and was fined a standard penalty of £80.


As you can see, sports stars get involved in controversies that can hurt their careers. No matter how much time has passed, some fans will always remember the downfalls of the world’s best athletes. Since these sports stars are in the limelight, it is important to stay out of the police station.