Running and Walking App – Learn How to Download and Use

Whether you’re trying to hit that much-coveted runner’s high or simply venturing into fitness, you can use a walking or running app to help you track results. Both walking and running are great ways to jumpstart your fitness journey.

Luckily, there are a number of dedicated apps that allow you to get the best out of your workout during each and every walk or run. The best running and walking apps available today do more than just help you get the exercise you need.


From calculating the distance, to coaching and motivating you, reliable running and walking apps helps you keep fit. Interested in starting out and feeling the ground on your feet once more? Take a look at the app we’ve chosen and learn how to use it to your advantage.

C25K – 5K Running Trainer

C25K is the perfect mobile and website application for novices who are keen to jumpstart their heart-healthy lifestyle. Otherwise known as couch to 5k, hence the name, this app motivates you to run a 5k in just 8 weeks. All it takes is 3 days a week and 30 minutes a day to do each set exercise. 

What sets this program apart from other running and walking apps is that it provides a set of built-in training schedules that range anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes per week until your intended race. The built-in program acts as a coaching tool where you’ll be told when to walk and when to run, gradually building your pacing and increasing your stamina. 


What’s more, the C25K app also allows you to map out your runs and gives you access to your favorite tunes, giving you the boost you need when you train. Its partnership with MyFitnesPal also makes it a favorite, especially when you’re planning out your meals and counting calories. 

Using C25K

The idea behind this app is allowing users to gradually run longer and longer distances, one day at a time. C25K makes running a fun experience rather than a chore, so users don’t quit the first day realizing it is tough to run nonstop. 

In using the app, you simply launch it and access the mix of light and regular exercises to build up to a full, rest-free run. C25K is also available on Apple Watch, making it easier to run without bringing your mobile device. 


The free version of the app is already useful, with a myriad of features. However, the Pro version includes calorie-tracking and advertisement-free experience. To upgrade to Pro, you need to chip in $5 a month for iOS and $3 for Android devices

The app’s nine-week program allows you to conquer long-distance running rather than sitting on a couch or lying on the bed. Every time you run, the app provides an overview of the calories burned and other information such as distance and average phase. 

Close Contenders 

Nike Training App

Aside from C25K, you can also download Nike Training App to access home workouts, including running. The mobile app has GPS and audio-guided runs so you can be entertained while doing the workout. The Nike Training app also has warm up and cool down exercises to improve stamina. 


Download Pacer app to improve the quality of your training and track your improvement. The app has a well-rounded program to help you track steps, runs, rides, and get personalized fitness activities. The best part is, accessing the free guided video workouts for user’s reference. 

Pacer allows users to get toned, active, and lose weight over time. With workouts designed by professional trainers, users can perform physical activities designed to get desired body goals. 

The Bottom Line

Just like other forms of physical exercise, running and walking provide health benefits, including making the muscles strong and increasing stamina. Because these activities are aerobic cardiovascular exercises, you can maintain a good weight, stronger bones, and boost endurance.