The Most Luxurious Private Golf Clubs In America

For decades, sports golf has been associated with the elite and powerful. It is not only a hobby but also a social activity of the rich. Some of the prominent names in different industries are members of the most exclusive golf clubs that are by invite only.

Aside from the membership, there are also other fees associated with being a golf club member. Only the rich can afford to pay thousands of dollars for access to world-class golf courses and other amenities. Spas, fine dining, and other services are also offered.


In the United States, only a few golf clubs have a Platinum status, which is the ultimate achievement of any private golf club. Here are some of the most luxurious private golf clubs in America. These also have a Platinum Club of the World status.

Private Golf Clubs

Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia

Voted the number one Golf Club in the United States, Augusta National Golf Club is located in Georgia. The club consists of an outstanding portfolio of golf courses designed by champion golfer Bobby Jones and Dr. Alister MacKenzie.


Augusta’s waiting list is extremely long as the criteria for being a club member are strict. Only individuals with connections and money can be a member alongside Microsoft Bill Gates and business magnate Warren Buffett.

The initiation fee is around $250,000 to $500,000.

Liberty National, New Jersey

Membership at Liberty National Golf Club is kept extremely exclusive so only the most prominent individuals can become a member.


With a high initiation price of $450,000 and annual dues of $25,000, this golf club is a serious business that only company CEOs and old money can afford.

For years, this golf club has attracted high-profile members including real estate mogul David Simon, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and many more. The best part of being a member is the anonymity that comes with it, especially high-profile members.

Pine Valley, New Jersey

Another famous private golf club in New Jersey is the male-exclusive Pine Valley Golf Club. The board of directors provides an invitation to potential members. The club is undeniably one of the best golf courses in the world.

Aside from the finest golf courses, the Pine Valley Golf Club also offers modern and high-class facilities exclusive for members. With these things, plus a chance to meet and play with famous personalities, the initiation fee of $500,000 is worth it.

Shinnecock Hills, New York

Golf enthusiasts know that Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is one of the most prestigious and exclusive private clubs in America. Given the golf club’s praiseworthy courses, it already hosted the US Open multiple times in the past.

Although the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club doesn’t publish any information on initiation fees, the green fee is around $350 per round and players need to have a caddy. The golf course is ranked fourth greatest by the Golf Digest.

Bear’s Club, Florida

Bear’s Club is a Jupiter golf course community founded and built by Jack Nicklaus in 1999. It is an exclusive golf club that not only has amazing facilities but also real estate. The club has about 369 private acres designed for a world-class golf experience.

Although the initiation fee is between $100,000 to $160,000, the chances of becoming a member are hard. The waitlist is long and only high-profile individuals are considered.

The Madison Club, California

California is no doubt a great golf site because of the good weather and vast land area. The Madison Golf Club offers a Tom Fazio-designed golf course that serves as the centerpiece of the homesites, exclusive for equity owners only.

The club offers a full-service spa, fitness facilities, lounge areas, private movie theater, and game rooms for members to socialize in. The club’s initiation fee starts from $200,000 and has annual dues of $33,000 for members.

Most Luxurious Private Golf Clubs


Being a member in a private and exclusive golf club offers a pristine experience to relax and play with prominent members. Sometimes, it isn’t about the sport but also about business, especially for business moguls and investors.

While the initiation price is totally above average, members get better perks and facilities plus they have more chances of meeting high-profile individuals with more connections.