How to Play Volleyball on Mobile – Learn How to Download and Play for Free

There’s nothing like watching volleyball games all year round. Whether it’s when matches are held on beaches or on the court, this thrilling game attracts a large number of viewers and players from around the world.

Unfortunately, the reality is that volleyball fans don’t necessarily have a lot of time to play this sport with their busy lives and even more hectic schedules. Thankfully, you can enjoy this game on your smartphone wherever you might be.


If you are an avid fan of the sport, you’re in luck. You can now play volleyball on mobile and take the love of the game with you everywhere you go. Take a look at some of our best picks for mobile applications today and you will certainly have a good time.

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Apps to Play Volleyball on Mobile

Volleyball Championship

For a classic take on volleyball, you can try your hand at this traditional 6 vs. 6 gameplay via the Volleyball Championship app available on both Android and iOS devices. The beauty of playing this game is that it allows you to play with a team you can control.

As you start the app, you’ll enter a tournament where you can participate in a national cup in which 36 teams vie against each other. Apart from the tournament mode, the software also features a quick match mode for those who only want quick gameplay.


Moreover, this app has full control and customizability. Apart from managing your team of 14, you can also call for a timeout, provide motivation for players, train your players, and much more – just like the real thing.

To help you seamlessly play the game, you may utilize the drag quality circle provided on the screen. This will allow you to control the players on the court and make them serve, pass, or smash the ball accordingly.

Volleyball Champions 3D – Online Sports Game

Another worthy game that allows you to play volleyball on mobile is Volleyball Champions 3D – Online Sports Game that’s also available on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. What makes this software different is that it provides a unique approach.


With realistic movements and physics, the vibrant and colorful graphics, and the intuitive controls of the game this is a great choice. Plus, it differs from the traditional 6 vs. 6 approaches and instead utilizes only two players on screen.

The app also provides a relatively decent amount of customization. Some of the aspects you can customize are your avatar’s skin color, eye color, shirt design, and even your player’s hair. You can also choose between a court or a beach arena.

While it’s free for use and download, there are also in-app purchase options designed to help you upgrade your gameplay and your customization options. You can do so by purchasing coins within the app.

With this app, you can track your progress via the training section. Once you get the hang of attacking, serving, and the like, you can compete in career mode and finish a series of games to unlock the next season.

Beach Volleyball 3D

Last but certainly not least is Beach Volleyball 3D. With this game, you can play the sport in teams of two, with the winning team having to win two out of three games.

As with the previous software, this app also provides an array of customization features you can place upon your avatar, as well as the chance to choose between a male or female character.

You will also have to choose a country as each nation is designed to have different skillsets when it comes to speed, defense, attack, and accuracy, so make sure to choose the best. To start your game, tap on ‘Next’ and you will be presented with a new window with levels.

Finish off each level with five matches and you can move towards the next. Besides entering matches, you can also opt for quick games you can simply play at random. This app is only available for download in the Google Play Store.

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The Bottom Line

With these fun smartphone games, you can now play volleyball on mobile anytime you wish. To ignite your love of the sport or to simply hone your skills, give these games a try and you’ll certainly have a good time.