Discover How to Play Football Online – Free Download

Want to learn how to play American football but still stuck in quarantine? No worries. Luckily, you can now learn the basics of football even while at home, thanks to the presence of different mobile apps designed to teach users how to play the sport. 

Whether you want to learn football to become a pro or just for fun, expect that you can rely on some of these mobile platforms. Not only will they allow you to discover more about the sport wherever, whenever, but they can also help you ditch the lockdown boredom.


Interested to know more? Here is a list of the top apps that will help you learn and play football online. Read on to know more about their features, prices, and where to find them. Check them out below!

Discover How to Play Football Online - Free Download

Apps to Play American Football Online                   

How To Play American Football

As the name implies, this app works to help users learn and master how to play American football. Boasting of its simple and easy-to-navigate platform, the mobile app features guides on the basic rules and techniques surrounding American football that will help users further understand and appreciate the sport.

Among the topics covered by the app include how to score points, how to play the quarterback and the running back roles, and more.


The app is currently available through Google Play for free!

Football Training

Another mobile platform you might want to check out is the Football Training app. It is designed to serve as an alternative to traditional coaching by providing training sessions and detailed drills meant to improve a user’s overall athleticism.

Specifically, using the app, you’ll get access to numerous types of quarterback drills, training for line-backers, as well as workouts for running backs. There are also offensive and defensive training, team tactics, and strength training as well. All workouts are specially designed to help improve your throwing accuracy, agility, footwork, arm power, and other skills that are needed in American football.


The app can be downloaded from Google Play for free!


You bet it. Fun, simple, and easy to use, your favorite online video-sharing platform can also teach you how to play the sport you’re interested in. 

Specifically, using the app, you’ll get to learn how to play American football by simply searching and watching videos related to the sport.

Fortunately, to date, there are now a ton of video tutorials available on YouTube that focus on teaching viewers how to play American Football.

You can download YouTube straight from the Google Store orthe Apple Store for free.

American Football Champs

If you’re already familiar with American football but still lack the proper skills and tactics to master the sport, American Football Champs might be the best app for you. Specifically, with the said platform, you’ll get to create your own team, become a key player, join competitions, explore offensive and defensive tactics, and more.

Although generally considered to be a game rather than a coaching app, the American Football Champs features real physics and pro level speeds that help make the gameplay realistic. You may spend some of your time playing the app in order to discover new tactics that you can apply in real life.

You can download it from the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free!

Discover How to Play Football Online - Free Download

The Bottom Line

Ready to learn and master the arts of American football? Find something fun to do even while in stuck quarantine with the help of these incredible apps that will let you discover how to play American football online

Improve your athleticism, discover something new, and fall in love with this spectacular sport by turning to these amazing mobile apps.

Which among them do you want to try out? Download your preferred app and check its features today.