FIFA 2020 Online Free – Learn How to Play and Download

Football fans have been waiting for too long to get their hands on the new FIFA 2020 simulation video game. It was in 2019 when Electronic Arts (EA) Sports released the free demo access to show what it would be like to play the game. 

The game is currently available for PS4, PC Origin, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $59.99 Standard Edition and $79.99 for the Championship Edition. The latest update for the 2020 version was last March, improving the game’s graphics, playability, and effects. 


If you want free access to the game, here’s a guide to download it to your personal computer. There are websites offering free FIFA 2020 Online Free access to download and play the game. Read on and follow the instructions to install the game for free. 

Is FIFA 20 Worth the Price? 

Just like NBA 2020, FIFA 20 is also a popular video game featuring real professional players and teams. For its price of $59.99, the game is totally worth it, especially if you are a football fan and a video game enthusiast. 

The simulator gaming experience plus high-quality graphics make it appealing to gamers and fans all over the world. Play all the official squads, and join official national and international competitions (Champions, League, Spanish LaLiga, etc.). 


The best part of this video game is the additional tweaks for smaller game settings, including street football and more players. The VOLTA football game allows 3v3 Rush to 5v5 professional Futsal matches. This is perfect for playing with friends and family. 

To make the gaming experience much better, the FIFA 20 features animation of bespoke stadiums from around the world. These settings make the game feel real, plus players get to choose the team members. 

What’s New in FIFA 20

The 2019-2020 season features a number of tweaks to improve the overall gaming experience. Here are some of the highlights of the FIFA 20 version.

  • New scenarios and settings for players. This includes street soccer adapted to a smaller environment and playing setting. Players get to customize the players however they want, including the physical aspect and celebrations
  • New techniques, showboating, and animations for the game
  • More game modes including Quick Matches, History Mode, Leagues, etc.
  • Simulator improvements like dribbling, high passes, referee’s position, defense artificial intelligence, natural movements, new shooting trajectories, and sidestepping
  • Set-piece play updated, more technical finishes, off-the-ball movements, and new movement physics
  • Showcases 88 iconic players like Garrincha, Essien, Drogba, Kenny Dalglish, etc.
  • Modified goals and expanded customization options to give clubs own style
  • Career Mode to evolve and change the bearing in mind of the user community and the manager
  • Press conferences, chatting with players, stats for overall team’s performance
  • Stadium use increases to 90

How to Download for Free

If you haven’t tried the demo, you can also download it for free. However, downloading the game to PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch requires you to buy the game for $14.99 a month for Ultimate Edition, $59.99 for Standard Edition, and $79.99 for the Champions Edition

There are few websites that offer free PC downloads for the FIFA 20. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Visit the websites Filehorse, Digital Trends, and Softonic.
  2. Make sure PC is in Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  3. The hard drive space should be above 50 GB to successfully download the file.
  4. Choose FIFA 20 version.
  5. Click Download Now, Download, or Free Downdload.
  6. Wait for the download to complete.
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to install on your computer.

FIFA 20 Playing Guide

The basics of the game are easy to understand because players only need to perfect their free kicks, high passes, and make a goal. Playing this game requires not just skills but also the right position and timing. Be patient and look for gaps to attack quickly and make a goal. 

The buttons you need to click or push differ per device, so you need to be familiar with movements. Precision also plays a huge role, so maintain your focus and create a strategy. The game also lets players customize defense and offense. Customize through Defense Depth setting

Bottom Line

Playing FIFA 20 is not only enjoyable but also exciting as improvements are available in the newest version. Download the game for free on your computer and invite friends to join the football league.