Diego Maradona Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Legendary football player Diego Maradona recently passed away due to cardiac arrest on November 25, 2020. For the duration of his career, the Argentine player exhibited exceptional tenacity not only in the field but also in the streets. He led Argentina to remarkable victories and was considered a genius during his time. While his peak … Read more

Maradona Inheritance Can Be Disputed By Up to 11 Children

Football is a big deal in Argentina, no wonder why Diego Maradona easily became a hotshot in the industry. His graceful pitch, complex tactics, and chemistry with the rest of the team stand out and lead to victory.  With Maradona’s recent passing on Nov. 25, a lot of questions loom over the inheritance for his … Read more

Discover the History of the Tour de France Bike Race

In order to sell some newspapers, the Tour de France began as nothing more than a marketing ploy. At its heart, the Tour stays just that, a platform that the willing sponsors of the teams and the race use to promote and sell tires, shoes, bikes, phones, and lots of other things. The fusion of … Read more

The History of the Golf Term “Fore”

Golf, just like any sport has got various terms it uses. They include birdie, par, eagle, double eagle, bogey, double and triple bogey and fore among others. If you are a golf player or an aspiring one, it is important you understand what these terms mean to avoid confusion. Fore, which originally was a Scots … Read more

Dribble Up Soccer Ball: Check Out This Smart Ball

Have you heard about smart ball? This is a dribble up soccer ball app that you can use to dribble any type of ball. Don’t worry about the need to buy various balls at different times as the ball doesn’t actually change, rather it’s the app that changes or gets upgraded constantly.  This app features … Read more

The Top 5 Horse Racing Jockeys Today

Most people associate horse racing with gambling, but there is much more to the game. Have you ever thought about the people behind the horses? They are called Jockeys, and this is a very big sport, that is worth millions of dollars. Now, it is not always about the ability and the power of the … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Super Bowl?

Being live at the Super Bowl is usually on most people’s bucket list, and this is certainly not a cheap affair. It involves so much more than just nabbing a ticket on time. You have to think about the travel arrangements if you don’t live in the city where it’s being held, and also accommodation. … Read more

Check Out the Basketball Career of Thurl Bailey

Basketball is a popular sport that gives fun and passion. Also, it enhances the self-esteem and skill of a person. Nowadays, this sport is now a game for both men and women. It’s a universal sport known worldwide. There are numerous successful and skilled basketball players. Thurl Bailey is one of these, being an experienced … Read more

The Requirements to Participate in Heavyweight Boxing

Do you find it odd, fascinating, and funny that you fight with someone in the streets to gain scars, bruises, and wounds while others only win a fight and obtain a champion belt along with hundreds of thousands of dollars? Life is unfair, you may say, but why don’t you bring that inside the ring?  … Read more

A Look Into the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games

The Olympic Village always has a strong air of mystery surrounding it because it’s off-limits to ordinary non-athletic individuals, making it the constant object of spectators’ curiosity every two years.    Seriously, what results when you put many world-class athletes for three weeks in the same housing structure as they engage in the toughest periods of … Read more