The Basics of Hydrofoil Surfing

Hydrofoil Surfing is a type of surfing that makes use of a hydrofoil surfboard. This is simply a type of surfboard that’s made of hydrofoil, that extends below the board and into the water. This design causes the board to leave the water’s surface and move at various high speeds. This is because it significantly … Read more

The Best Female Skateboarders of 2020

Skateboarding had been scheduled to take place for the first time in the Olympic Games in the summer of 2020, which was to happen in Tokyo. Unfortunately, this was postponed to 2021, due to the pandemic. Now, we all have to wait until that time to witness the first skateboarder to make history at the … Read more

Sports Series Everyone Should Watch

Sports undoubtedly takes a huge role in our lives. The crowds, the community, and the sheer thrill of cheering and watching our favorite teams hash it out on the court or the field makes for a fun way of passing time.   If you’re feeling sporting withdrawal due to the lack of sports on TV … Read more

The Routine of a Famous Athlete – Check It Out

The best athletes are not made overnight. They are a product of talent, hard work, discipline, and a strong will. A key part of becoming a famous athlete is having the dedication to stick to a daily routine that guides day-to-day life.  When you look at the routine of a famous athlete, you will see … Read more

8 Running Movies That Are Worth Watching

Running a marathon, or just simply jogging, can be a pretty challenging activity for most people. However, for avid runners, the longer the distance, the better as it means a chance to push yourself.   With countless inspiring running movies available on the market right now, giving yourself the opportunity to watch and get to … Read more

How Is the Game of Croquet Set Up? Learn Here

Croquet sport involves hitting some plastic or wooden balls with a mallet that go through hoops. Most often these are called “wickets” in the US. They are usually embedded in the grass on the playing court, and while there are many different variations of the game, it is likely to have 6 or 9 hoops. … Read more

Learn More About the Winter Olympics Sport of Curling

Curling is perhaps one of the most unusual sport you shall ever come across, and it competes during the Winter Olympics. This sport is sometimes compared to shuffleboard, but the difference is that it is played on ice. The players – believe it or not, compete between teams by sliding stones on sheets of ice … Read more

Learn the Positions that Make up a Basketball Team

A strong basketball team is like a machine that is well-oiled. Five players move onto the court, each occupying a different position, working toward its true objective: winning.  In general, a basketball player falls into one of five roles: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. But what is required in each … Read more

How Many World Cups Did Maradona Win?

Diego Maradona is widely regarded by most as one of the greatest football players of all time. The Argentinian was always invincible throughout his matches.  Despite Maradona having a small stature of 5’9″, he played a midfielder/supporting striker role. His greatest attributes on the field were his precise vision, passing, ball control, dribbling skills, and … Read more

15 Photos That Marked the Trajectory of the Star Diego Maradona

The untimely death of Argentina soccer legend, Diego Maradona, has left most of the football world to deal with a gaping hole. Considered as one of the greatest players to ever dominate the field and the sport itself, Maradona truly was seen as a hero in every sense of the word. On the field, he … Read more