These Are The Olympic Stars To Look Out For In 2020

It’s hard to find a sports fan who isn’t the least bit enthusiastic at the mention of the word “Olympics.”From demonstrations of struggle and strength to stories of redemption, there are a ton of factors that make the Olympics a must-watch for many.

The recent changes in the schedule of the 2020 Olympics denied athletes and sports fans the chance to enjoy an action-packed summer. However, the new schedule, which is set to start on July 23, 2021, give everyone a full year to wholeheartedly prepare.


Knowing who to watch when the time comes can help you get a better grip on what may possibly happen. Below, we have rounded up three of the best Olympic stars you should look out for. Read on.

Olympic Stars to Look Out for in 2020

Stars To Look Out For In The Tokyo 2020 Olympics

  • Nathan Adrian, Swimmer

With five Olympic gold medals, one silver, and two bronze medals cemented on his records, Nathan Adrian has successfully laid down all the prerequisites to be called the “one to watch” for the upcoming swimming competition in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


At 31, he has held the American record in the long course 50-meter freestyle event, became a recipient of the “Perseverance Award” at the 2019 Golden Goggle Awards, and has been nominated for the 2020 Laureus World Sports Award for “Comeback of the Year.”

Despite battling prostate cancer in 2019, the Olympic athlete did not let his health condition become a hindrance to getting back on the sport he loves.

He embraced a training regimen that allowed him to re-embrace his impressive athletic form again. The result? Two gold medals and a silver at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships and another two gold and three silver at the 2019 Pan American Games.

  • Sunisa Lee, Gymnast

Stories that deal with overcoming injuries and hardships are not new in the world of the Olympics, and Sunisa Lee’s story is one of those. In August of 2019, only days before her first world championships, Lee’s father met a terrible accident, which left him with a paralyzing injury.

Torn between staying with her injured father and leaving for nationals, Lee almost skipped her first senior US Championships, only to be urged by her father to go ahead and compete instead.

In the end, the then 16-year-old managed to place second behind Simone Biles at US nationals, securing gold on the uneven bars. Not only is she the youngest member of the world team, but she is also the lone rookie in the pack, making her win even more impressive to the eyes of the audience.

To date, Sunisa Lee is set to make it into the US women’s Olympic gymnastics team to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and secure another gold.

  • David Boudia, Diver

Having won one gold, another silver, and two bronze in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics, David Boudia has proven himself to be an Olympic star in the diving scene.

Beyond his impressive Olympics career, he also secured the top spot in the Big 10 Male Tower Diving event at the Big Ten Tournament held in Ohio in 2010. He has made history by becoming the inaugural American to break 600 points in six dives.

To date, after years of stepping away from the diving platform, the 30-year-old veteran diver is now back in the game. In 2019, he tremendously outscored fellow Rio Olympian Michael Hixon in the springboard at the US Championship and is now set to take on a new challenge for the 2020 Olympics.

Olympic Stars

The Bottom Line

Can’t wait for the 2020 Summer Olympics to begin? While a year of waiting can be quite a drag, taking advantage of the remaining time to get to know which athletes you should cheer on can help you take a fuller grasp of the Olympics when they finally begin.