NFL Roundup: Big Wins For 49ers, Packers, Cowboys & Saints

Things have been heating up in the NFL this year. The matches have been exciting and closely contested. The weekly NFL roundup will discuss all you need to know about all the ups and downs of the games this week.

The Saints, Cowboys, Packers, and the 49ers were in action. Each team played its heart out. The action was enthralling, controversial, but most importantly entertaining. It is a good time to be a football fan this year. The Superbowl implications are also higher than ever this time around.


So without further ado, let’s round up the week’s NFL action. We will summarize who the winners and losers are from the games that happened this week.

A Dallas Cowboys Victory

The match between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia eagles ended with Cowboys winning in fairly convincing fashion. The final result was 37-10. This was the final game for leading NFC East. Brett Maher received quite a bit of praise for his performance he cemented his legacy by becoming NFL’s first player to convert three field goals that had a distance of 60 yards or more. His 63-yard screamer during the first half was particularly special.


Unbeaten Streak

The San Francisco 49ers also recorded a victory after a hard-fought battle in Washington’s muddy and wet field. They joined the 6-0 record of the New England Patriots after this victory. We will have to wait and see if these winning streaks continue into next week’s games.

Roundup for Early Games

One of the highlights of this NFL roundup is that the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions with a score of 42-30. Marvin Jones was applauded for his performance as he caught four passes for touchdowns. This was the second time in his career where he was able to catch four touchdown passes. But sadly, the performance was still not enough for the Detroit Lions to achieve victory. This was the third win in a row for the Minnesota Vikings. Kirk Cousins was instrumental in the victory as he made four touchdowns during the match.

The Buffalo Bills were on the brink of losing the game against Miami Dolphins but turned things around later on. The Miami Dolphins were on a losing streak and in desperate need of victory. But, the Buffalo Bills showed their resilience with an onside kick touchdown, courtesy from their defense. They also scored two second-half turnovers to seal the deal.


Andrew Luck’s absence seemed like the Indianapolis Colts would have a tough time against the Houston Texans, but Indianapolis’ defense, especially the quarterback Jacoby Brisset had a great performance that sealed the victory against Houston Texans. The final score of the game was 30-23. Brisset’s career-best touchdowns and an interception against quarterback Deshaun Watson were the defining moments of the match.

The New York Giants faced defeat at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals as three impressively scored touchdowns by Chase Edmonds overshadowed Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray’s performances for the win. The final score was 27-21 was in another noteworthy NFL roundup. Arizona’s star has been on the up and up as this was the first time the team gained three continuous victories.

Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Cincinnati Bengals with a convincing 27-17 victory, also proving that Cincinnati Bengals need to make several adjustments if they want the team to get back to winning ways. Andy Dalton’s performance was the talk of the town after the game ended because of his pick-six and three interceptions.

Roundup for Late Games

New Orleans Saints defeated the Chicago Bears with an outstanding 36-25 victory. This was especially impressive because key players like Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Brees were not playing. Latavius Murray was a key performer behind New Orleans’ victory. With this impressive performance, the Saints moved to a 6-1 record for the ongoing season.

The Baltimore Ravens overpowered the Seattle Seahawks with Lamar Jackson’s incredible show of skills. The 30-16 victory was amongst the most dominant victories of the weak. Lamar Jackson’s incredible work ethic in this game proved why he is among the best; he rushed for 118 yards and, to top it all off, scored an incredible touchdown.

Ravens new signing Marcus Peters scored two defensive touchdowns by getting hold of Russell Wilson’s interception. This was his season’s first interception as he ran back the touchdown to give Baltimore the win on his debut. It was a big game for the new team member.

The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers had a tense game. The game ended with a score of 23-20 with Tennesee Titans coming out as the victors. The chargers were just inches away from victory as Melvin Gordon, unfortunately, fumbled the ball on the line to give the hosts the advantage. A review plunged out the one-yard touchdown that Gordon tried to make, while another late score was also ruled out as the Chargers’ Austin Ekeler’s efforts went in vain.

This NFL roundup includes all the highs and lows of the week’s NFL matches. Expect things to only get tenser in the following games as the stakes are higher than ever, and every team is poised to get to the Super Bowl.