A Breakdown Of The Most Exciting Water Polo Plays

Water polo is a game that originated from rugby but is only played in swimming pools. The earliest documentation of water polo can be traced back to the 19th century. The game was introduced by a man named William Wilson.

Fast forward to today, and the sport is widely famous because of its difficulty and the precise skill players need to make a goal. According to the Bleacher Report, water polo is ranked first for being the toughest sport in the entire world.


If you want to know the best plays in water polo, continue reading. We have compiled the most exciting water polo plays in this sport. As such a challenging sport, these water polo plays are highly impressive.

Water Polo Plays

How The Game Is Played

To give you an idea of how awesome this sport is, you need to understand how water polo is played. Each team consists of seven players, one goalkeeper and six in the pool. Points are acquired by teams who make a goal. The sport is played in a 30-meter pool and has four quarters each with a 7-minute duration.


Players are allowed to hold the ball with only one hand at a time. This makes the game even difficult because it is extremely difficult to move or snatch the ball with one hand. The ball should also stay above the water while the other team tries to pull down competing players.

Aside from strength and body coordination, it is the play chemistry that creates winners. Since the game is in the water, predicting movements can be harder and moving around is tricky.

Famous Water Polo Events

There are two major water polo events; they are namely the Olympic Games and the FINA Water Polo World Cup. This year is jam-packed because the Tokyo 2020 Games are happening from July to August and the FINA Men’s Water Polo World League Intercontinental Cup will commence on April 28th. Additionally, the FINA Men’s Super Final 2020 will happen from June 23rd to 28th.


There are also events for the junior division, like the upcoming Junior Olympics. The tournament will happen on July 1st all the way until the 21st for the men’s division and July 23rd to 26th for the women’s.

Most Exciting Water Polo Plays In History

Now that you know a little more about this sport, here are highlights of the water polo that are truly unforgettable.

Kick, Twist, And Goal

Davide Cesini showed an incredible move during a match with a combined kick, twist, and goal move in the fourth quarter. He was able to score for his team, throwing the ball into the goal at an incredibly fast speed. Cesini is notorious for having amazing footwork and hand control while helping his team score.

Blind Pushover

The trick that Maika Garcia pulled out in a match with the Netherlands is definitely unforgettable; a blind pushover was launched into the goal, even with three opponents surrounding her. As part of the Spanish women’s national water polo team, Garcia was able to showcase her skills in controlling the ball and making a defense.

Four Goals In The Final

Nikola Janovic is truly a sight to watch in water polo because of his unbelievable hand control and strength. He was able to help his team get to the final in the 2014 European Championships semifinals by scoring an incredible four goals. Being a notable winger and center-forward, Janovic also shows great sportsmanlike character

Breaking Walls

Živko Gocić will remain in history with his incredible goal-setting play during his time. He’s won two World Championships, five European Championships, and 10 World League Championships over the span of his career. His ‘wall-breaking’ move is always on-point, which makes it hard for the goalkeeper to block.

Spin Shot

Stealing and scoring the ball is common in water polo. However, Blai Mallarach was on another level with his spin-and-goal move in the game against Hungary. He spun the ball in the air five times before hitting the sack hard, with one flawless move.


Water polo is an exciting sport that leaves the viewers in awe, goal after goal. Each game is exciting, but there will always be iconic games that raised the bar higher. These breathtaking plays are some of the most iconic plays in the history of this sport. To learn more about the world of sports, click here.