Mossa Group Power – Learn Group Fitness Tactics

When it comes to exercise, some people either love or hate group workouts, but with Mossa Group Power you can learn group fitness tactics. And these tactics are going to make you love team fitness. Being in a group fitness class definitely motivates you to push harder. 

Completing each workout routine feels easier because a crowd surrounds you. Mossa Power enables participants to train and stay stronger in the most enjoyable way. With Group Power, participants are introduced to barbells and plates for strengthening muscles. 


Each workout is balanced and involves cooling down to eliminate potential injuries. Whether you are a beginner with no fitness knowledge, or an active individual, Mossa Group Power program helps to keep your body in good shape. Up next you’re going to learn about the program and benefits. 

What Is Mossa Group Power? 

The Mossa Group Power is one of the 11 branded group fitness programs developed by Mossa. With an emphasis on strength training, participants perform high-repetition exercises to achieve athletic movements and become fitter and stronger. 

The Group Power combines squats, lunges, presses, and curls with functional exercises to make participants sweat and achieve their individual body goals. This program is results-driven, with challenging workout routines to improve and shape muscles. 


What makes Mossa group workout unique is the motivating atmosphere. It is fun while you are doing the high-repetition workout routines and results are easily seen after consistent training. 

Is It Suitable For Women? 

The Group Power is designed for both men and women who want to add strength training to their workout. Beginners don’t need to worry because of the simplicity of the class and the balanced routines. Women can easily adapt to training, achieving great results. 

The Mossa Group Power workout also helps women reduce the incidence of osteoporosis. With strength training, bone health is improved and muscle strength increases. Because the Group Power workout  involves high-repetition exercises, bones become stronger. 


Group Power Routine and Tactics

There are a lot of things to learn from the Group Power class including functional training moves and utilizing equipment such as plates and barbells. This program is best to be done two to three times per week to let the body recover in between workout days. 

For the first month in the Mossa Group Power, beginners are recommended to attend classes twice a week. This is already sufficient as you get familiarized with the rhythm of exercises. For the first few classes, you need to arrive earlier to set up your equipment. 

Each class has specific workout objectives to target different muscles. Here are the ten tracks that are part of the group fitness workout.


A warm up is an essential part of the workout routine because it limits the chances of injury. For the warm up, participants will use a light barbell to increase blood flow in the muscles and loosen up joints. 


For the legs, squats and lunges combined with using a barbell shape can strengthen leg muscles. This is where the high-repetition training starts. 


Participants need to perform chest press, push-ups, and other exercises. Instructors add new twists to these routines to make the class fun and challenging. 

Back and Legs

Deadlifts, deadrows, and clean press are done to fire up the back and hamstrings. Doing these exercises surely increases the heart rate and makes you sweat more. 


You can learn a lot of moves in weight training by doing triceps presses, extensions, pullovers, and more. 


Instructors create variations for barbell curls, wide grip, offset grip, and weight plate work. What makes this fun is engaging with other people and pushing one another to perform exercises. 

More Legs

After engaging other muscles, you will go back to legs and perform integrated training to improve balance, coordination, and plyometrics. 


Feel like an athlete in training by doing high-repetition exercises like upright rows, shoulder presses, lateral raises, and rear delt extensions. 


There’s always a new way to engage and strengthen the core. You are going to train the front, back and sides of your midsection. 


The classes finish off with a head-to-toe stretch to improve muscle recovery. Participants are free to interact with the instructor about the classes and receive a recommendation for the next Group Power classes. 


Group fitness classes are not just motivating but also fun. The uplifting spirit in a room full of people helps you to push yourself harder and to not give up easily on routines. If your goal is to shape your muscles and become stronger, the Mossa Group Power class is awesome. 

Because of the pandemic, going to Mossa won’t be possible. However, you can check out group fitness videos to perform the routines at home.