Maradona Inheritance Can Be Disputed By Up to 11 Children

Football is a big deal in Argentina, no wonder why Diego Maradona easily became a hotshot in the industry. His graceful pitch, complex tactics, and chemistry with the rest of the team stand out and lead to victory. 

With Maradona’s recent passing on Nov. 25, a lot of questions loom over the inheritance for his 11 children. The estimated wealth of $75 million worth of assets needs to be distributed to his loved ones. 


Since the late football superstar made a name for himself, he’s earned a lot and garnered more wealth by buying properties and other assets. Read on to know more about the children awaiting their share of Maradona’s wealth.

Maradona Inheritance Can Be Disputed By Up to 11 Children

Conflicts and Affairs

The late football player had five recognizable children from four different women. With his first wife, Maradona gained two children namely Dalma and Giannina. 


It was followed by Diego Fernando, a son from Verónica Ojeda. After that was another daughter named Jana with Italian Valeria Sabalain in 1996, followed by a boy named Diego Sinagra Maradona from a relationship with Cristina Sinagra in Italy. 

This isn’t the end, as there are six pending paternity cases involving Maradona. Cubans Javielito, Lu, Johanna, Harold, and Argentines Santiago Lara and Magalí Gil are awaiting the court’s decision in regards to whether Maradona is their father.

Maradona also shared a romantic relationship with a journalist named Rocío Oliva but separated last year. The two didn’t have children, leaving only 11 individuals on the inheritance list, if the six pending paternity cases are settled. 


Assets and Wealth

The estimated $75 million is considered inaccurate, as the amount only represented earnings from his sports career. Meaning, this money is generated throughout his career and multi-million sponsorships and signing.

Maradona’s full assets can’t be determined yet, but Clarin reports total equity of $500 million after leaving the sport. 

He’s also inherited at least five farms in Buenos Aires, owned luxury cars like an amphibious truck, prized jewels, and a 300,000 euros-worth diamond ring gift in Belarus. 

What’s surprising is, the football star didn’t write any will, but all his assets will naturally go to his children and heirs. The declared and known five children will have the best shares, but they need to go on with one another. 

Children Seen after Death

The eldest daughters and their mothers were responsible for setting up the funeral services on Nov. 26, 2020

The three daughters were seen lately, posting a photograph with their father’s doctor Leopoldo Luque. Meanwhile, the Italian son Diego couldn’t make it to the funeral because of the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions. 

The fifth son Diego Fernando seems to be out of the picture, but he can still get a fair share of wealth from his father’s assets. 

Unrecognized Children

Now, the problem starts with children who aren’t recognized. While the cases are on the court, it remains unclear whether they can get a share in the inheritance. 

However, one of the mentioned children wants Maradona unburied just to get a DNA sample. But because of the pandemic, this isn’t possible, which leaves these children in deep waters. 

The judge handling the cases has already ruled that three daughters are given priority, disregarding the two sons. The brand is controlled by Maradona’s lawyer Matias Morla, operating in the United States and Argentina. 

This is part of the inheritance that children can get. Before these inheritance issues, Maradona also had a trial pending in 2015, involving his ex-wife Claudia Villafane. This is in line with tax offenses and must be resolved now that the late football player is dead. 

Maradona Inheritance Can Be Disputed By Up to 11 Children
Diego Maradona, center right, with ex-wife Claudia Villafañe, left, and daughters Dalma, center left, and Giannina (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Even though Maradona has already passed, his name remains controversial for the inheritance issues ongoing. He is one of the best football players of all time, but now everyone’s eye is on his wealth and where it will go.