The Best Male Figure Skaters To Come Out Of The Olympics

Nothing is like seeing figure skaters glide over the ice and execute their dramatic stunts. With their enthralling jumps, spins, and footwork, it’s safe to say that figure skating is one of the most spellbinding sports to watch.

Over the years, numerous names of notable male figure skaters have made it into the public’s minds. In contrast to stereotypical slow and melancholic skating performances, most of these popular athletes proved how fierce and tough the sport can be.


Here, we have prepared a countdown of the best male figure skaters to come out of the Olympics. Fierce, driven, artistic, and athletic, these are the five male figure skaters that made their marks on the ice rink.

Best Male Figure Skaters to Come Out of the Olympics
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  • Elvis Stojko

What better way to start our list than with the mention of Elvis Stojko? Recognized to be Canada’s pride, Stojko is a three-time world figure skating champion and a seven-time Canadian champion.

Starting his skating career at the early age of four, the Canadian skater is known due to his striking jumping ability that leaves audiences and competitors speechless.


To date, Stojko currently holds two silver medals from the 1994 and 1998 Olympics in the singles event, making him one of the most notable figure skaters who have performed on the rink.

  • Evgeni Plushenko

As one of the most applauded Olympic athletes of all time, it is no denying that Evgeni Plushenko is one of the giants in figure skating. In fact, he was even regarded by many to be Russia’s greatest-ever male figure skater.

With four Olympic medals, three World Championship titles, seven European Championship titles, four Grand Prix Final champion titles, and ten Russian national championship awards, Plushenko has proven himself to be one of the legendary pillars in the world of figure skating.

  • Evan Lysacek

Another notable icon in the field of figure skating, Evan Lysacek, is not your typical figure skater. In fact, to the public, the Chicago-born athlete has always been the bearer of American pride in an awards ceremony.

Having won an Olympic gold medal in 2010, a World Championship title in 2009, two Four Continent Championship titles, two US National Champion titles, and the 2009 Grand Prix Final Champion award, Lysacek has secured his spot among the best in the figure skating universe.

  • Javier Fernández

No one has ever discussed figure skating without mentioning the name Javier Fernández.

After all, Fernández has made his mark on the ice-skating rink by being the first Spanish skater to score a medal in three of figure skating’s biggest competitions: the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, the ISU Figure Skating Championships, and the Olympics.

  • Yuzuru Hanyu

Finally, to complete our list, no other modern-day athlete carries the title of the most popular figure skater other than Yuzuru Hanyu.

Thanks to his astounding stunts that blends athleticism with artistry, he is regarded by many to be the most acclaimed figure skater to date.

After all, he is known to have bagged many of figure ice skating’s many “firsts” – including the first Japanese male skater to win Olympic gold, the first skater to perform a clean quadruple loop in a competition, and the first skater to surpass a total score of 300 points.

With this impressive record, it cannot be denied that Yuzuru Hanyu is the closest candidate to become the top icon that will lead the sport of figure skating to greater heights.

Male Figure Skaters
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The Bottom Line

Impressed about our list of best male figure skaters to come out of the Olympics? Who do you think reigns supreme among these five notable athletes?

Recognized for their talent, artistry, charisma, and even looks, these male skaters have managed to fixed their names in the ice rink and helped build the empire of figure skating to be the kind of sport we now know it to be.

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