Major Sports Competitions are Back — Find Out Which Ones

One sector of the world that has felt an intense hit from the current global pandemic, COVID-19, is the sporting sector. Now, sports are not the same with the new requirements of social distancing. The fans, normally, come into the stadium in droves to go watch some of their idols take to the field against fierce competitors.

But after months of lockdown in all major cities across the globe, things are now slowly getting back to normal. Even sporting events that were forced to stop in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 are slowly getting back on track. See, COVID hit in the middle of many seasons in the sporting world and most players are eager to get back and complete what they had started.


As a sports lover, you’re probably wondering when the events are going to kick on and if there are others that have already resumed. To find out more about the major sports competitions, if they are back, and the ones that are coming back soon, you should read on. Find out what dates you should mark out for the next games in the sporting world from now on.

Major Sports Competitions are Back — Find Out Which Ones
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English Premier League

Now, the biggest soccer league in the world chose to resume game after months of deliberation between the league, the players, and the government. It was finally decided by a vote that went in favor for the teams to see out their remaining fixtures. The fixtures officially resumed on the 17th of June with no crowds in attendance for the games.

Champions League

Another huge soccer event in the world is the European Champions League and that also has resumed. No game has been played just yet, but the first fixtures will take place on the 14th of August. That will be the quarter finals of the tournament. Barring any form of disturbance, the final should take place on the 23rd of August. Mark your calendars!



Now, the NBA has been moving around the return date for quite some time now. However, according to ESPN, the set date is now for the 30th of July, which should be the final date. This means from that date to at least the 14th of August, there should be seeding games taking place. 


There has been a merry go round of negotiations in the MLB over the last couple of days with the owners and players union posturing about the return date. Finally, it has been decided that a 60-game regular season will resume and it will begin on the 24th of July. With this, the season will carry into August and September. 

Formula 1

One of the biggest motor sport events was also forced to cut down its season, but now motorsport enthusiasts can look forward to its return. The set date, barring any last minute changes, is on the 5th of July



Not much was affected with regards to the NFL, as the season ended in early February. The date for the return, which is September 10th, hasn’t been affected and it doesn’t look like it will change either. Hopefully, fans will be able to enjoy all of their beloved NFL games as usual. 

Major Sports Competitions are Back — Find Out Which Ones
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Though no official date has been set yet for the return to the league, that should be determined at the teams camp. The players have been told to show up for camp which is scheduled to begin on the 10th of July. The duration for the camp is still unknown, but it is widely expected that a return date should be set during the camp. 


Sporting events are slowly but surely coming back to their own and it’s just a matter of time before it all kicks into full gear. COVID-19 has certainly messed up sports seasons across the globe but, with return dates being set and other events already in motion, sports fans should have all the reason to smile as the year progresses.