Learn How To Do Yoga With These Apps

To maintain the health of your mind, soul, and body, your daily routine should be composed of activities that can help exercise all three. To do this, you should consider doing yoga.


This ancient practice is rooted in Indian philosophy and spirituality and can aid in bringing out the best of your mind, soul, and body. With all the benefits it can offer, this South Asian practice has become popular across the globe.

Interested in doing yoga? You can do so with guidance from the right mobile app. Here’s what you need to know about doing yoga with these apps.


Learn How to Do Yoga

Why Do Yoga

  • Improve Blood Circulation

The main physical exercise that you use when doing this practice is stretching. With various poses and stretches, you open up your circulation system and allow your blood to flow in a much better manner.

  • Promote The Use Of Mind And Body

One of the key things about this exercise is that you will be coordinating your mind and body to perform the poses and stretches. This is a great way to practice concentration and body awareness. This will also test your balance, stability, and posture.

  • Fight Off Stress

The use of concentration combined with various poses and stretches can help keep your mind off your stressors. This is a great way to be one with your mind and body while healing them in a deeper, more soulful manner.

5 Apps That Can Teach You How To Do Yoga

Beginners who want to start doing this practice while staying at home do not have to worry. They can easily learn this spiritual activity using a mobile app. Check out some of the best ones below.

  • Daily Yoga

Available on iOS and Android, this app offers online classes to guide practitioners through the various poses and stretchers that constitute this exercise. It is also beginner-friendly, making the practice more accessible to newbies and experts alike.

In your journey to mind, soul, and body wellness, this application keeps a record of your practices, making it easier to track your progress. It also lets you share your experience with other users and see what tips they can give to improve your practice.

  • Pocket Yoga

As the name implies, this app lets you do your thing anytime, anywhere, even at home. Because it is accessible on any iOS and Android device, you can simply pull out your phone and your mat, and start your practice.

This application is beginner-friendly, as well, because it has a comprehensive pose dictionary that lets you search any pose and stretch without hassle. It also gives you a detailed description and list of benefits for every item.

  • Down Dog

Those who are only starting with yoga will be glad to know that you can customize a session based on your experience, type of practice, and overall goal. You can also enter a time duration to help you keep your schedule on track.

The Down Dog app also has a beginner mode, which will help your get your grasp on the basics of this practice. This way, you can start establishing your routine to fully use the app.

  • DDP Yoga Now

If you are used to following workout programs such as Insanity and 10 Minute Trainer, you will love using DDP Yoga Now. It gives the same feel as the regular workout program, except you will be presented with an easy and simple guide.

It comes with a variety of fitness goals and levels, making it a great option for experienced individuals, as well as beginners.

  • Universal Breathing Pranayama

This app lets you get into the right mindset through the use of music and visuals. Universal Breathing Pranayama helps you with the fundamentals of the exercise through a progressive course that can definitely serve as a guide for beginners.

With this app, you can start practicing slower and deeper breathing, while helping you get the right mentality to do poses and stretches.

Do Yoga


Starting a new practice can be intimidating to some. With these apps, however, you can learn how to do yoga with ease. So, make sure to try out these apps to see which fits your needs best!