Learn Why the Axe Handle Bat is Different Than Other Bats

As one of the United States’ four favorite sports, baseball is definitely one of the most popular games among Americans. While the game itself may seem less intense and simpler compared to basketball, hockey, and American football, baseball is one of the most refined sports around.

In fact, hitting a ball is considered one of the hardest sports-related skills to master. Batters need to consider the physics surrounding each pitch, especially as each pitcher throws differently. It helps them anticipate the pitch and create a batting strategy on their toes. 


While the ability to anticipate the pitch is an important skill, hitters need the perfect bat to help them make the perfect hit. For some, an axe handle bat is a great option. Not familiar with this type of bat? Here’s what you need to know about.

Learn Why the Axe Handle Bat is Different Than Other Bats

Essential Info About the Axe Handle Bat

As the name suggests, this kind of bat is unique because of its handle. Imagine the handle of an actual axe but instead of the blade part, you are met with the usual thick end of standard bats. The thinner part of the bat ends not with a rounded handle but with a curved oval and tapered bottom.

While the handle may look like the only difference between regular bats and axe bats, the more innovative version is expected to improve the batter’s performance when used optimally. Moreover, it is equipped with engineered parts for the best results. 


If you are worried about the legality of using this bat in-game, then there is no need to fret. It is approved in all kinds of leagues, from minor and amateur games to major and professional ones. Aside from baseball, it can also be used in fast-pitch softball and slow-pitch softball

This means that it has received approvals from various organizations such as the MLB, BBCOR, Little League, USSSA, Babe Ruth Baseball, and NCAA just to name a few. However, AxeBat US recommends checking with your league before purchasing an axe handle bat.

Why Axe Handle Bats Are Better Than Other Types

If you are a hitter and you are thinking of switching to an axe handle, you may be looking for a sign to push through. Well, here are the advantages of choosing this bat over other types.


Stabler, Speedier, and More Powerful Hits

Because of the curved and angled handle of such bats, you are bound to get a more comfortable and stable grip with an axe bat. This is because the handle does not rotate in the player’s hand due to its more molded shape. 

In fact, the Red Sox’s Dustin Pedroia said that it offers a better feel in the hand. UCLA engineering professor Vijay Gupta supported this claim when he studied the potentials of this bat. He concluded that the axe handle is more comfortable and allows for more power and speed.

It Has an Engineered Hitting Zone

One of the most noticeable things about this bat is that it hits the ball on only one side. Some players are concerned about the durability of the equipment. AxeBat US has the perfect answer to this: Engineered Hitting Zones.

Because it is expected that the ball will hit the bat on only one side, the developers have made that particular part more durable, making it more optimal for hitting compared to bats that have engineered parts in every direction. 

Fewer Chances of Injuries

Learn Why the Axe Handle Bat is Different Than Other Bats

The shape of the handle minimizes the chances of injury. Notice that the regular handles have edged from every direction. During impact, this curve can poke the palm of the hitter, causes bruises on the hamate bone. In some cases, this bone can be fractured due to impact. 

The Bottom Line

The axe handle bat is a great alternative to regular equipment as it can greatly improve your performance and minimize injuries. Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, your skills matter the most and your tools can only do so much.