Learn How to Watch the Celtic Game on a Mobile Phone

Scottish Premiership is arguably one of the best football leagues in the world. And one club that has always competed at the highest level of football in Scotland is Celtic FC.

Not only has the club won a record number of Scottish Cups, but it also boasts a fine quality football watching experience.


And there’s nothing better than watching the club in action at Celtic Park amidst thousands of Celtic FC fans. However, due to the prevailing pandemic situation, the best way out is watching the game on your phone and there are a ton of ways to do it. Read on to learn more about how to watch the next Celtic game on your mobile phone.

Learn How to Watch the Celtic Game on Your Mobile Phone

Live Streaming Celtic FC Games on your Mobile

Check out the streaming apps below in order to catch the next Celtic game.

Celtic TV Live 

The Celtic FC runs its exclusive TV channel for DTH services and the same has been made available on the internet. While Live TV streaming can be accessed via their official website, free access is only limited to the residents of the UK and Ireland. For the Celtic FC fans residing out of these two nations, the users need to subscribe to Celtic TV and gain access to their live stream.


Out of the two subscription plans, you can choose one of the following plans. A yearly plan that costs £149.99 and allows you to watch the live action of every Celtic SPFL Match and also get access to the replays. However, this live streaming link is available only outside the UK and Ireland.


In a world where Netflix has made us accustomed to watching everything in true HD, watching a game on our devices is standard. And, if you have the spirit of Larrson, the Premium Membership offers an ultra-HD experience all year round for £ 189.99. 

How to Watch Celtic Games for Free

There are a few apps to live stream Celtic games on your mobile without any overhead cost. However, you might have to dabble with different options as these applications are dependent on the authenticity of the backlinks that they connect to. Here are a few applications that you can use to watch the Celtic games!



Mobdro allows the users to connect to a plethora of streaming videos on your Android phone. Even better, it offers you the luxury to listen to live commentary in English, Scottish, and a handful of other languages.

If that’s not all, Mobdro lets you keep track of the match stats, including possession percentages of each team, shots taken on the goal, and much more.


Kodi has its own application on the Play Store and lets you stream video content with a massive amount of diversity. To watch the Celtic game, you may need to find the channel or link that is streaming the game live.

Kodi only lets you connect with similar streams that are either hosting the content or broadcasting it.


VIPLeague has a colossal amount of ready-to-stream content, spanning for almost every sport including Football, UFC, WWE, and MotoGP.

While finding your club’s ongoing game can sometimes feel like a drag, all you need is some patience to navigate to your link. That way, nothing can stop you from enjoying the game.

Learn How to Watch the Celtic Game on Your Mobile Phone

The Bottom Line

Online streaming has become the new normal today. With theaters forced to shut and OTT platforms rising up to the occasion, who knows what the future might hold for the sports industry.

Luckily, we have our mobile phones to ensure that we never miss a single minute of our favorite games again.