This is the Best Racing Game – Learn How to Play

Many individuals look for thrilling and action-packed video games. What better way to satisfy your thirst for these than playing the best racing game, right? Giving you the best view in the driver’s seat, these racing games allow you to be in control and create your own racing story.  

The appeal of racing games lies not just in entering through a variety of gaming modes and storylines but also learning to hone your skills towards perfecting the right gear shift just to get that exceptional drift. This goes without saying that the race and its adrenaline-inducing play is what makes many players stay. 


If you are looking for the best racing game available on mobile devices today, look no further. We’ve chosen what is perhaps one of the greatest, if not the greatest game, you could play right now. Take a look at this and learn how to master this game in no time. 

The Best Racing Game – Mario Kart Tour

Undoubtedly one of the greats, Mario Kart Tour has commanded the top spot as the most successful mobile game in history prior to the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile. Even then, this game proves its worth it time and time again by giving players a different feel and experience compared to its console version. 

In essence, Mario Kart Tour is a racing mobile game that has been made available on both the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS users by Nintendo. It is the fourteenth game created by the developers under the Mario Kart series and was launched on September 25, 2019


In this particular game, participate in a global race course together with Mario and his friends and see new sights and cities, all in addition to the classic and beloved courses you have come to enjoy. 

Highlights of the Racing Mobile Game

True to its name, the Mario Kart Tour takes players around the world by using courses inspired by real-world locations, alongside other Mario Kart series classic favorite tracks. 

In addition to the changing locations and the iconic cities and landmarks that take center stage, this mobile game also takes pride in its multiplayer function. With this feature, you can play with up to seven friends or opponents wherever you may be in the world. 


Moreover, you can also collect a number of much-coveted drivers, gain access to a varied selection of karts and gliders, and even upgrade your kart to change the way you play the game. You can do this by entering different races or trying the featured pipes available, as well as participating in bonus courses.

Other features that players and fans of this game will certainly appreciate are its Frenzy Mode where you can use a number of powerful tools and items from your arsenal to power up your race and of course, its easy and hassle-free gameplay. All you need to play Mario Kart Tour are your fingertips. 

How to Play

Mario Kart Tour is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Though it is free to start, it provides optional in-game purchases to individuals starting at $4.99 a month for the Gold Pass. The Gold Pass allows players to get exclusive gifts after entering cups called Gold Gifts. 

Bear in mind that while the app is free for download and play, extras such as rubies, coins, and other collectibles are required to be paid for. 

After downloading and installing the game, you will be asked to link your Nintendo Account to play the mobile game. In the event you do not have a Nintendo account, you may create a Nintendo Account where you’ll be asked to input your personal information. 

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to a page where you can start and explore the game. You can now start playing by choosing courses, unlocking different and challenging plays, and many more.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the best racing game, you might want to give your skills a whirl. Who knows, you might just find fellow Mario Kart lovers on the course. Go wild and race around the different cities and tracks from the convenience of your mobile device.