How To Watch Sports From Your Phone With Sky Sports Mobile TV

If you’re a sports fan always on the go, you’ll be happy to know you can watch sports on your phone with Sky Sports Mobile TV. The dawn of mobile technology has dramatically transformed how we watch sports today.

Sure, sitting on your couch and chomping on snacks remains to be the epitome of the best sports fan experience, mobile platforms are shaking things up. As life gets faster, people are seeking tools that let them do the things they love while on the move.


If you hat to miss your favorite games, it’s likely that you are looking for the best ways to secure access to sports using only your mobile device. Fortunately, with Sky Sports Mobile TV, you can now do exactly what you ask for. Here’s a guide on how you can do so.

Sky Sports Mobile TV – What is It?

Nothing frustrates a sports fan more than being out and about and away from his TV, when there’s a big game on. Sky Sports understands this pretty well and seeks to help fans skip this dilemma by providing a platform where they can still catch up with their favorite sports on the go.

With this, the subscription television sports brand introduced the Sky Sports Mobile TV, a mobile software service that brings together all of Sky’s Sports channels to a single mobile platform, where sports enthusiasts can experience  thrilling sporting moments even while on the move.


With the said app, individuals can enjoy access to a wide range of dedicated sports action channels, wherever, whenever. The platform provides exclusive live coverage to events likePremier League, Sky Bet Football League, domestic and international rugby unions, and World Golf Championships.

How To Get Sky Sports Mobile TV

Fortunately, whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you can access and enjoy the features and services that come with Sky Sports Mobile TV.

To get the app, you may simply visit the Apple Store (if you’re an iOS user) or Google Play (if you’re an Android user), search for the name of the app, and download it to your mobile.


However, since Sky Sports works as a subscription television band, you will also need to pay a certain price to be able to use its mobile TV. Luckily, the platform is available in two different bundles. Depending on your preference, you can choose to subscribe to either of the two,

Specifically, if you were to get the first bundle (Pack 1), you will get to access Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports News, and Sky News for only £5.99 / €6.99 per calendar month.

Meanwhile, for the second bundle (Pack 2), you will be provided with a broader list of channel options in exchange for a subscription fee of £10.99 / €13.99 per calendar month.

Among the channels you can access under this pack includes Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports News, and Sky News.

Once you have downloaded the app and confirmed your preferred subscription package along with the payment, you can immediately begin streaming your favorite sports program anytime, anywhere.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Sky Sports Mobile TV

Of course, similar to all other mobile TV apps, the Sky Sports Mobile TV also comes with its own set of pros and cons.

For its pros, the Sky Sports Mobile TV takes pride in its best-in-class quality coverage of sporting events involving rugby, tennis, darts and more. Moreover, the service also comes with no lock-in contract. Therefore, users can cancel anytime without setbacks.

On the other hand, for its downsides, the Sky Sports Mobile TV only lets you watch when you have a Wi-Fi network in range. Moreover, some programs from live Sky TV channels may be unavailable on Sky Sports Mobile, depending on the terms and conditions that may apply.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve ever been stuck waiting somewhere on game day, you know what frustration is. By turning to Sky Sports Mobile TV, you are sure to keep on top of the latest sports events and happening, wherever you are, whenever you want. .