How to Download and Use the FIFA 20 Companion App

Football comes in many forms and sizes, with some countries referring to it as soccer. Its popularity today seemingly knows no bounds. From avid fanatics traveling the world to score tickets and watch games to having its own video game franchise, there’s no0denying the popularity of this sport.

One of the most highly anticipated events together with the Olympics is the FIFA World Cup. Held every four years, the series of games highlight the phenomenal skills the players possess. Moreover, the association paved the way for exciting exhibitions against other respective teams.


Football lovers know the struggle of waiting for their favorite teams to play on the field. While real-life matches are exciting, there is nothing like building your dream team and having all of these players within your control. That is why developers created the FIFA 20 Companion App.

What is FIFA? Why is it popular?

FIFA is the governing body in charge of overseeing all football-playing organizations around the world. It stands for the Federation International de Football Association and it is responsible for organizing and promoting football tournaments around the globe. One of the biggest leagues under this is the World Cup.


United by the love of sports, fans around the world come together in support of their national team and their favorite players. Along with the rise of FIFA and the football-loving generations, the love for video games and eSports has also grown. Because of its close reflection of the traditional sport, the accompanying video gaming franchise care of EA Games paved the way for the success of the game itself. As a matter of fact, many people say that the game has become more popular than the sport these days, especially in the advent of technology.

How to Download the FIFA 20 Companion App

To take part in one of the best sporting happenings in the field of video games and eSports, make sure to download the FIFA 20 Companion App. This perfectly complements the FIFA 20 App, which allows users to pick their own team, select their own starter squad, as well as purchase, sell, and trade players.

To download and install, simply click on the download links for iOS and Android devices available on the FifPlay website. You may also go to the Apple App Store or to Google Play and search for the app. Once you have the link, click download and install.


A Guide to Using the FIFA 20 Companion App

Bear in mind that the FIFA 20 Companion application is just that – a supporting application. In order to maximize the offerings from the game, you would need to have your own EA account, a copy of FIFA 20, and a FIFA Ultimate Team Club. Select platforms work with the program, excluding Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 accounts.

Once you have everything in order, follow the guidelines below to help you get started with the FIFA Companion application.

  1. Select FIFA Ultimate Team mode and create your own FUT Club.
  2. After creating your club, select or create a security question. Put the corresponding answer on your console, personal computer, or into your mobile application.
  3. Log in to your respective EA Games account via the FIFA 20 Companion app on your mobile device.

Features and Benefits of the FIFA 20 Companion App

Playing the game has definitely become easier thanks to this specific mobile application. Apart from managing your FUT 20 Cup wherever you might be, you will also be given the chance to prepare your play for your next match.

Rewards redemption is also a main feature of the program, with rewards being used for upgrading and moving towards the next level.

Besides club management benefits, you can also participate in the transfer market by buying and selling players, as well as taking on the squad building challenges available within the app.

The Bottom Line

Seamless playing has never been this easy before. With the FIFA 20 Companion App, your club is sure to have updated links and plays wherever you might be. This ensures maximum accessibility and convenience with every use. Make your team with the best football players and have fun battling it out with opponents!