How the Super Bowl Works for Newbies

Several sports have annual events. The UEFA champions league, The Open, The Grand National, and Wimbledon are prime examples of it. Add Super Bowl to that list of yearly events, as well. Few tournaments come close to the NFL’s Super Bowl when it comes to matching intensity and passion.


Players put their bodies on the line for our entertainment and suffer untold damage. People who are new to American Football are often bewildered by the concept of the Super Bowl. Trying to explain to them what the sport and this tournament are all about can be slightly tough for some people.

However, there is no need to worry, as in this article, you will find out all about what the Super Bowl is, how it works, who plays in it, and all the other basics to understand for fully enjoying the games. Once you begin to enjoy it, the chances are that you will enjoy the sport so much that you will tune in to the NFL every other week.


Who Plays the Super Bowl?

The upcoming Super Bowl Sunday will be held inside at the Hard Rock stadium. Teams from the NFL play in the tournament. However, they have to go through a rigorous qualifying process that includes the league and the playoff stages.


Although qualifying for the Super Bowl itself is considered to be a lottery, winning the whole thing is monumental. The New England Patriots are the favorites to carry their illustrious winning streak to the tournament. However, they face tough competition from other teams who are just as poised to win the Super Bowl.

What Is the Super Bowl’s Charm?

You may find the games in Super Bowl matches to be extremely long. However, that does not mean that you will get bored in any way. There are several pauses in between games that give you the time to absorb what you have seen while preparing yourself for more (in the best way possible).

The halftime show is a big attraction of the Super Bowl. Several renowned celebrities perform in the half time show to keep fans entertained. Lady Gaga, Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Shakira, etc. all have performed in Super Bowl shows.

Why Is It Called Football if Players Hold It in Their Hands?

Quite a lot of people like to make fun of American Football by making original jokes like calling it hand egg. Their main gripe with the sport is why it is called football, when players hold the ball in their hands. The fact of the matter is that it has always been referred to as football. Moreover, the sport was put forth by the American Football Association, which many people tend to forget.

Rules of American Football

The rules of American Football are as basic as they get. But, players from both teams are responsible for keeping possession of the ball and scoring touchdowns in the end zone for earning points. The more points a team has, the better its chances will be for attaining victory. It doesn’t matter if it’s the NFL or the Super Bowl, the team that has the possession has four tries to score.

The team that does not have ball possession has to make interceptions to win the ball and score more points. Players do not have to barge into the end zone individually, necessarily; they can also pass it around to the nearest player to the goal for scoring points.

Which Teams Are Most Likely to Make It to the Superbowl?

There have been several predictions all year regarding who will win the grand prize. Although it is too early to tell, as the NFL is still underway, the New England Patriots have a solid chance of winning it all. The following are the teams that most people and sports pundits have predicted to win the Super Bowl.

  1. Houston Texas
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Minnesota Vikings
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. New England Patriots
  6. New Orleans Saints
  7. Cleveland Browns
  8. Oakland Raiders
  9. Los Angeles Rams
  10. Philadelphia Eagles

When Is the Next Super Bowl?

The next Super Bowl will be held on the 2nd of February in 2020. Tickets are available to buy from various places, including the NFL’s official website. If you are keen to attend the event, it would be wise to move, as they could sell out at any time. Miami, Florida, will be hosting the upcoming tournament, and it is expected to be as big as ever.

The Super Bowl is the one time of the year when sports fans forget about their woes and worries and focus their energy on supporting their favorite teams. Even if your team didn’t make it to the event, the vibe that it has is enough to keep you entertained.