How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Super Bowl?

Being live at the Super Bowl is usually on most people’s bucket list, and this is certainly not a cheap affair. It involves so much more than just nabbing a ticket on time. You have to think about the travel arrangements if you don’t live in the city where it’s being held, and also accommodation.

For this reason, you need to plan early in advance. In total, you might end up spending anywhere between $3,000 and $15,000, just to attend the game. Additionally, if you wish to sit on the 50-yard line, then the amount of money you shall be required to spend is simply exorbitant. 


Now, the highest price of a Superbowl ticket is approximately $7,136. In this review, we break down the cost of attending the Superbowl, and what you should plan for if you ever wish to be part of the action one day.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Super Bowl?
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How Much Would This Cost?

Now, the most in-demand Super Bowls since 2010 had their tickets priced as follows, and this is according to the SeatGeek

  • Super Bowl LIV – The 49esrs vs. Chiefs; Cost $7,136
  • Super Bowl LII – The Patriots vs. Eagles; Cost $5,373
  • Super Bowl LII – The Rams vs. Patriots; Cost $4,657
  • Super Bowl LIV – The Patriots vs. Falcons; Cost $4,487
  • Super Bowl LIV – The Panthers vs. Broncos; Cost $4,392

Now, the cost of the ticket is usually the most expensive cost associated with the Super Bowl and after beating out this cost, you can then be able to deal with the lodging and airfare, that might not even come close. 


However, the prices for the tickets have been known to drop in the week leading up to the game, but the average price of a ticket still remains high at around $5,000 each. 

Other Costs

Now, for all intents and purposes, we shall review the cost of last year’s Superbowl that was held in Atlanta.

Transport Cost to Atlanta – Between $70 and $220

If you were to fly to Atlanta for the Super Bowl, on average, the cost of the flight is currently $220 for all roundtrip flights within the US. But of course, when the demand is high, this cost could go up by more than $10 on the days leading up to the big game. 


Lodging Cost – Approximated to be Between $300 and $1,422

Hotel prices are usually on an all-time high during the Super Bowl, and they are usually hiked up by more than 100%. The medium price for a hotel room during the Superbowl season is usually around $474 per night. 

Therefore, for a 3-day weekend that starts from Friday night expect to spend upwards of around $1,400.

Food and Drinks – Approximated to be Between $70 and $125

Now, on game day, the stadium is not likely to break your budget, as they are known to charge extremely low prices for food. A budget of around $25 is enough for full meals and snacks. Unfortunately, you would need to eat throughout the weekend, and hence the hike in food. 

Getting Around – Approximated to be Between $19 and $110

If you plan on using public transportation, which most people say that it is actually the best way to get around during the Super Bowl, then the fares for Atlanta’s MARTA bus and the train station is around $2.50 per ride, and you can also buy a pass which is good for the one to four days you shall be there.

Entertainment – Not Necessary, but Approximately Between $0 and $285

Since you are there with your friends and are staying in a hotel, you might not need to spend money on entertainment, but if you do, then the approximate cost is as above. The restaurants you are staying at shall try to keep you entertained all day long till kickoff.

There are however plenty of other entertainments that usually go down such as the Super Bowl Music Fest that features many musicians, and tickets to this show start at $245.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Super Bowl?
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So, if we are to analyze the total cost for last year’s Super Bowl, then the people who attended must have spent between $4,440 and $8,162, which is definitely not a small amount, and one that needs very early preparations. 

All in all, this is an experience you shall remember for the rest of your life, especially if you share it with your kids.