How Is the Game of Croquet Set Up? Learn Here

Croquet sport involves hitting some plastic or wooden balls with a mallet that go through hoops. Most often these are called “wickets” in the US. They are usually embedded in the grass on the playing court, and while there are many different variations of the game, it is likely to have 6 or 9 hoops.

These hoops can be set up in different ways, and once the hoops are already in place, the croquet game can last anywhere from 20 minutes up to several hours, of course depending on just how much conversation is taking place in between the mallet swings.


In this review, we take a look at how you can set up a game of croquet. The different setups are also determined by the number of hoops you have, and how many you are going to be using. Let’s get started on this.

How Is the Game of Croquet Set Up? Learn Here
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How to Set Up a Game of Croquet Using 6 Loops

Setting It Up on the Lawn

While this game can be played on any lawn, the balls usually travel much smoother and faster over shorter grass. When possible, you could use a flat lawn that doesn’t have any slopes or any patches of uneven ground. This means there are no obstructions.

This type of croquet setup is very popular all over the world and is also used in tournaments in the commonwealth countries and the UK.


Start by Measuring the Croquet Boundary

If you will be playing with adults mostly, then the flat lawn should measure at least 14 meters or 46 feet. Do this using a tape measure. If the lawn is a little smaller, or it has uneven or high grass, then try and do 10m, or 33ft, or 7m or 23ft. 

Make a Boundary at the End of the Line

If you happen to have some extra flags or stakes, you should place one of them on each side of the line in order to demonstrate your boundary of the court. You can also use a rock, or a stick, or any other object that is noticeable.

Make a Rectangle by Measuring the Outside 

The field for croquet should be rectangular and the long side should measure 1.25 times longer than the short side. What you should do is start from one boundary marker and then walk using a right angle to the first line and all the while you should measure with a tape measure.


When you reach the 1.25 distance, stop. Now, if you have a full-sized garden to use for the croquet field, the measurements should be 14m x 17.5m.

Another Boundary Marker

At the end of the line, before you use the stick or the flag, you should mark the corner of the boundary. If you happen to have a string, then stretch it in between the marker and the last one you put down.

Completing the Rectangle Finish

When you get to the end of the long line in the field, turn in a right angle, and create another short side that is parallel to the other one. Place this fourth boundary marker in order to create the last corner. You can stretch a string in between the boundary markers and on to the nearest markers.

Here Are the Rest of the Steps

  • Stake the center point of the rectangle.
  • Find the first loop position – this is the wicket.
  • Write down the paces you have used on a paper so you can remember.
  • Place the first hoop at that point and ensure that the opening is facing the short sides.
  • Next, place three more hoops in the same way and start at the end of each corner.
  • Make some adjustments where necessary.
  • Place the last hoop on the opposite side of the center stake.
  • Check the hoop with a red mark on top of it.
  • You are done.
How Is the Game of Croquet Set Up? Learn Here
Image Source: YouTube


When setting up this game, it is important to follow the rules and the steps of doing so, in order to ensure that you do not make a mistake while playing the game, as it is played using specific rules

But in the end, ensure to have lots of fun with the game of croquet. All the best.