Home Workout Apps – Check Out The Top 5

The flu pandemic has definitely made everybody stay at home and do nothing. While some people are busy with other activities like work, there should still be time to get moving. Even if you cannot go to the gym, fitness routines can continue at home.

With mobile applications, workout programs can be done. There are apps that offer indoor routines that only require minimal equipment and tools for strengthening muscles and engaging the core. Additionally, virtual fitness coaches also help monitor your progress.


Here are the home workout apps you are looking for. This list is a mix of free and paid apps that you can download on your phone. Check out the apps below to get in a great workout at home!

Importance Of Exercise

Physical activity or exercise improves your health and wellness. Aside from looking fit, doing the work provides long-term benefits including flexibility, strength, and controlled blood pressure.


People who exercise also have lower chances of developing life-threatening conditions like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. If you can sweat more and engage your muscles, you can reap the benefits later on.

Another reason to workout is to feel great and improve your mental health. When exercising, the body releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin, which improves your mood. This is another way of regulating stress levels and other mental issues.

Best Home Workout Apps

  • Nike Training Club

One of the best free workout apps to download is Nike Training Club. The app offers free content, with customization options. It is available for Apple Watch, Android, and iPhone, making it fully versatile for every type of person.


Upon sign up, users are asked a few questions about their body and activity levels. These details help the app to assess the best workout programs to present. You can also browse through several workout options and types, be it mobility, yoga, endurance or strength.

  • Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Going for a more relaxing activity while strengthening muscles? Yoga is a great physical activity that improves flexibility, increases range of motion, and stretches muscles. Yoga Studio is an app with easy-to-follow yoga classes that include teacher commentary.

The app is not free and costs $4.99 for the download but users can enjoy a 7-day trial to get a feel of the app and its interface. The classes range from 10 to 45 minutes, with a variety of abilities from beginner to advanced.

  • Keelo

For high-intensity workouts, Keelo is what you need. This app provides a range of HIIT workout routines for individuals who are after endurance and strength. The standard or free plan has a number of workout routines.

For the premium plan, users get a personal workout for $7.99 a month or $49.99 per year. The plan begins with a 14-day free trial for new members. If you subscribe to the premium plan, you get customized fitness routines suited to your needs and body goals.

  • Thenx

Thenx is perfect for individuals who are into bodyweight training. The app is free and features different programs with calisthenics movements and the use of certain equipment. One great thing is that users can save workout videos for reference.

The app provides complete information on the focus of body parts per workout routine. Each day, users can find programs fit for enhancing back, chest, biceps, legs, and more. There are also certain levels of difficulty per program.

  • Aaptiv

Need virtual motivational coaches that can lift your spirits when working out? Aaptiv is the best app to download because of access to voice-guided workout programs. Workouts are categorized into strength, stretching, endurance, or flexibility categories.

Users are prompted to set a goal, whether it be losing weight or getting fit, then the app recommends certain workout programs. There are thousands of workouts to choose from. Aaptiv comes with a $15 monthly subscription.


Staying fit and active doesn’t mean you need to hit a gym. With home workout apps, you can perform a series of exercise programs to lose weight, strengthen muscles, and achieve your body goals.