Highlights of Stanley Cup Wins Over the Years

Hockey fans will always talk about Stanley Cup championships, as teams change their game plan, and defense strategies shift each season. Add the roster of players, quality of opposition, and other factors; the games are always exciting to fans of the sport. However, some fans will always talk about the past championships, comparing this year’s final game to previous championships.

Distinct changes happened through the years, from 1989 to 1994; the teams then played a wide-open offensive style and from the years 1995 to 2004, when the game was more defensive. Fast forward to 2010 to 2019, when the teams lean more to a faster, two-way style.


In this article, we are going to list the highlights of the Stanley Cup Wins over the years. There are a lot of back-to-back titles that made history and teams that took home the trophy for the first time in the franchise history.

1993 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Win

Game 2 with the Los Angeles Kings had been a total massacre because the team had a lead of 1-0 in the series and 2-1 in Game 2. However, Montreal coach Jacques Demers called for a measurement of LA Kings’ Marty McSorley’s stick in the third period. It turned out that McSorley’s stick had an illegal curve, which gave him an advantage.


Eric Desjardins scored to play the tie game and pushed for overtime. In the opening minute, Desjardins scored once more, putting an advantage to the Montreal Canadiens. The game ended with the Montreal Canadiens winning with a 1-1 in the series. Desjardins made three goals in the game, which made him the best player of the season.

1942 Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Win

The Toronto Maple Leafs won the best-of-seven series despite the 3-0 lag in the series. The team made history because they were able to recover after the three loses. In the final game against the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Coach Hap Day reversed the momentum by benching the best scorer and defenseman, then replaced with rookies.

At first, Maple Leaf executives were furious about the idea then got along with it after Day described the strategy. Best player Gordie Drillon was benched and replaced by sharp defensemen Ernie Dickens and Bob Goldham. Toronto tightened its defense and fought back until the last minute. In the end, the Toronto Maple Leafs snagged the trophy and made history with the best comeback in hockey.


1960 Montreal Canadiens 5th Straight Win

Probably the best Stanley Cup win in history is the 1960 Montreal Canadiens’ victory, which sealed its fifth straight championship. No team before 1956 to 1960 had accomplished this fifth consecutive win in history.

The 1960 win was dubbed as the greatest dynasty in the history of hockey, where Montreal swept the Toronto Maple Leafs for the title. What made the game special was the mark of Rocket Richard’s retirement after the series was over.

1964 Toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup Win

Toronto’s Bob Baun was not a goal scorer, but in Game 6 against Detroit Red Wings, he earned a place in hockey history with a fractured leg. During the first half of the game, Baun was removed due to a broken leg. He was able to come back and scored, which concluded the game.

This was Toronto’s third straight Stanley Cup win, which was truly historic because of Baun’s goal. Reports show that Baun had a broken bone in his lower right leg, which made the win more meaningful.

1970 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Win

The phenomenal ‘flying through the airgoal score of Bobby Orr snatched the Stanley Cup Win for the Boston Bruins in 1970. The goal was historic because Orr’s score concluded the game with the Bruins’ 4-0 standing on the series. Noel Picard of St. Louis tripped Orr but failed to stop the score. Seeing that the puck got into the goal, Orr extended his arms in triumph.

The win is historic not only because of the flying through the air score, but also because of the strong cast of Phil Esposito, Wayne Cashman, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny Bucyk, and Derek Sanderson.


In the long history of hockey, the greatest games recorded redefined sportsmanship and great team play. The amount of effort, skills, and determination of players, as well as the coaches, has led the best team in the championship. The best wins on the list are only a few of the greatest scores and wins in the history of the franchise.