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For many people living in the United States, having a health plan is mandatory. Most states require citizens to have health insurance to cover treatments for certain health conditions like diabetes or heart ailments.

If you are switching to another health insurance plan or trying to get one, you can use a health insurance quote app to easily compare rates and coverage. These apps are the best tools you can download online to get fast and simple insurance rates for free.


Access the health insurance marketplace from your phone and compare insurance plans. You can also find out the comprehensive benefits of each plan and connect it to the provider online. Make sure to download a health insurance quote app to get started.

Health Insurance Quote App

Importance Of Health Insurance

Having health insurance is definitely important in this modern era. Aside from the cash assistance, policyholders can also enjoy peace of mind, especially during a pandemic.


A lack of insurance can cause a burden not only to you but also for your family. During this time, it’s important to take steps to ensure health and wellbeing. 

One of the benefits of health insurance is receiving adequate medical care with no added cost to your end. Since some insurance plans are comprehensive and can cover a lot of ailments, you no longer have to pay for the bills linked to hospitalization, check-up appointments, and more.

Additionally, health insurance policies include medical emergencies, which are unpredictable. Having insurance gives more breathing room for medical expenses because the provider will shoulder the cost or at least part of it.


The reason why some people don’t buy health insurance is they feel that this is just an extra expense. However, great health insurance plans cost around a hundred dollars monthly or more, depending on the coverage and the provider.

Free Health Insurance Quote Apps

Do you want to learn more about health insurance plans without leaving your home? You can download health insurance quote apps to compare coverage and find more about the insurance provider.

Here are some of the insurance quotation apps you can download on your smartphone.

  • Health Insurance App

One of the best apps to download for free is the Health Insurance App. This app provides a list of affordable health insurance in the United States. Some of the insurance companies you can come across are Allstate, Humana, Oscar, and Aetna.

The good thing about this app is it also providers more information on the preferred provider organizations (PPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and point-of-service plans (POS). The results will vary according to user regards.

  • Star Health Insurance

If you are buying a health insurance plan, the Star Health Insurance app can help you find the best products online. Using this app, users can choose a relevant category related to a user’s case and then get into the details of the plan.

The app provides a quote on various health products available, and without any documentation. At this point, this app is what you need to enjoy comprehensive medical coverage without going to the insurance provider’s office.

What you need to do is browse through the products, fill in your data, and sign an agreement online. Everything is hassle-free and simple, helping you save time and money.

  • Qooter

This app also provides a quote on health insurance, retirement, and life insurance. In fact, this is the tool most insurance agents and brokers use to get quick insurance quotes. The app compares rates for more than 100 insurance carriers.

While the app is designed for agents, it also helps users find their own insurance product with detailed information on coverage, rates, and other information.

  • Sure

The Sure mobile app contains policies that can be activated on-demand and provide suggestions on the policies suited to user’s needs and preferences. The app generates insurance policies from various companies like Esurance, Nationwide, and more.

The coverage can be customized, based on a user’s requirements. Additionally, all insurance details are provided to ensure transparency.

Health Insurance


Buying health insurance is made easier with an insurance quote app. Using quote applications helps you compare rates, coverage, and policies provided by insurance carriers.

Make sure to download the apps mentioned to enjoy some free health insurance quotes.