Get Inspired by These Female Weightlifters

Weighlifting has always been a male-dominated arena. In recent times, however, women have also shown that they have what it takes to become just as large and strong as their male counterparts. 

Many female weightlifters have made a name for themselves, with some even representing their own home country in the Olympics and other similar sporting events. This marks not only a successful and highly progressive time in history but one that also serves as an inspiration for many. 


If you’re looking to jumpstart your weightlifting journey yourself or simply start a fitness regimen soon, there’s no better way to start than by getting to know some of the most powerful women in the field. Check out some of these weightlifting stars today. 

Get Inspired by These Female Weightlifters

Get to Know These Famous Female Weightlifters

Mattie Rogers

Mattie Rogers made waves as she became the formidable figure to have snatched (pun intended) the much-coveted win for the United States of America during the 2017 World Championships after 12 years of losses. She won three medals under the 69-kilogram category. 

Rogers is recognized as one of the world’s most popular Weightlifters, with the growth and interest surrounding female weightlifters and weightlifting being attributed to her success. 


Prior to starting her weightlifting journey, she was a gymnast and a competitive cheerleader. She jumpstarted her love for weightlifting thanks to CrossFit at the age of 17, before turning to competitive Olympic weightlifting. 

Today, Rogers is a member of Team USA Weightlifting for the 69/71kg category. Besides the three American records, she also has a silver medal from the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Pan American Championships. She is also the 2016 World University Champion

Sarah Robles

Sarah Robles is definitely another heavy-weight you shouldn’t miss. After all, the woman is the first female weightlifter to bring home the Olympic medal for weightlifting for Team USA in 16 years


She successfully brought the bronze medal home after a series of weightlifting activities, such as the 126kg snatch and the 160kg clean and jerk. 

Who wouldn’t be impressed with Robles throwing over 350 pounds over her head, right? She also holds a world championship under her belt. 

Before her love affair with weightlifting, Robles competed in track and field during her high school days, particularly in the discus and hammer throwing events. However, she was introduced to weightlifting early on through her coach. 

Jang MI-Ran

If you’re familiar with the K-Drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju, you should know that this was loosely inspired by South Korea’s very own Jang Mi-ran. While she has since retired after her glory days, she still holds several awards that should certainly be recognized. 

Among her notable achievements are winning two Olympic medals, one gold and one silver, four World Weighlifting Championships, and one Asian Games championship

She achieved back-to-back success in 2010, where she swept her Olympic gold, the World Championship, and the Asian Games.

She started weightlifting at the age of 17, training for six to seven hours a day. Today, she has a foundation that focuses on helping young athletes train and succeed in minor sports. 

Jenny Arthur

Jenny Arthur made waves as she became the first American weightlifter to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She is currently ranked sixth after the Rio Olympics under the 75kg category. 

Before making it big in the world of weightlifting, Arthur was already into sports. According to NBC, she participated in track and field meets and also played softball during her younger days. 

However, she was exposed to weightlifting at a relatively early age, starting her journey as a high school senior in 2009. She debuted in 2011 and has changed from 69kg division to the 75kg category. 

Arthur currently holds the record for 75kg weight class for the 107kg snatch. In 2019, she won silver in the World Championship for the clean and jerk, and a bronze overall. 

In 2015, she finished eighth in the World Championships with a 244kg total lift. In 2014, she won silver at the Pan American Games carry 231kg in the total lift. 

Get Inspired by These Female Weightlifters

The Bottom Line          

These female weightlifters certainly are inspiring. Not only have they paved the way for future generations fo women to take part in a more empowered landscape, but they have also provided a powerful motivation for the young women of today.