Top 10 Funniest Ever Sporting Fails

Rarely will you find someone these days who says they don’t like sports. Sure, not all of us like to participate, but we sure do love to watch it. There is an abundance of sports to follow these days. And the athletes who make them interesting for audiences never get the credit they truly deserve.

Sure, they do get credit for their performance, but where is the credit for daring to do things so outrageous that make them laughing stocks among worldwide audiences? Countless athletes have fallen victim to sporting fails over the years.


These mishaps could cause them injury and, worst-case scenario, cost them their careers. Sometimes, however, the fails are just too outrageous not to laugh at. People remember them for ages and they really are an entertaining talking point among sports fans. A sporting fail caught on camera is one of the worst nightmares a player can have. These fails become a part of history. Not only that, but they are quickly shared on every platform possible, much to the demise of the poor player who was involved in it.

Sporting Fails

No player is safe from the occasional sporting fail, no matter how high-caliber they are. When the blooper occurs, people tend to forget all of the player’s career accomplishments for some time, and the failure becomes the main talking point. Jokes and giggles aside, the intention of this article is not to slander or demoralize any athlete involved in a fail; it is only to show everyone that there is a lighter side to sports that can get a chuckle out of viewers occasionally. It is what makes us love the sport in the first place.


So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss the 10 funniest sporting fails ever.

1. 1984 French Open, John McEnroe

John McEnroe was one of the best tennis champions that the sport has ever seen. However, his match against Ivan Lendl featured one of the biggest sporting fails in tennis history. John was dominating the French Open knockout match for the first couple of rounds. A peculiar noise from the cameraman’s headset was causing him a lot of distraction during these rounds, so he decided to take action.

Instead of discussing the problem in a calm manner, John lashed out at the cameraman, much to the surprise of everybody watching. The following rounds after that were perfect examples of karma striking back as Ivan Lendl defeated John McEnroe by a landslide in one of the biggest upsets in tennis history.


2. Fernando Torres Fail Against Man United

Fernando Torres went to Chelsea for a record transfer fee of more than 50 million pounds. Chelsea fans had high expectations due to his performances in Liverpool. However, the first few performances from him were very lackluster.

In a match against rivals Manchester United, a club that Torres usually gave a hard time to, things were different this time around, as Torres dribbled past United’s Nemanja Vidic and the goalkeeper, only to shoot the ball outside the open goal. This sporting fail shattered Torres’ confidence and became a major icebreaker among fans.

3. Kamran Akmal’s Dropped Catches

There is no cricket fan who does not know about the master of catch drops. The former Pakistani wicket keeper became a laughing stock in the cricketing world due to his catching fails. There are so many of them that listing just one would be a disservice. Go to YouTube, and you will find hour-long videos that contain his wicket-keeping bloopers from different tournaments.

His performance against Australia in 2010 is among the worst of all time in professional cricket. Kamran eventually lost his place on the team due to low performances and match-fixing scandals.

4. Derrick Lewis vs. Alexander Volkov

One of UFC’s hardest heavyweight hitters Derrick Lewis was losing a three round bout against a very technical striker from Russia named Alexander Volkov. Volkov evaded Lewis’s heavy punches and kept landing strikes on Lewis that would guarantee him a victory as soon as the third round was over. With 20 seconds more to go, Volkov got cocky and decided to land a few more strikes on Lewis and got close to his punching range.

The rest, as they say, is history. Lewis swung his hands like missiles and landed two powerful strikes on Volkov’s chin, knocking him out cold in the process. This left the crowd stunned, making this one of the most memorable sporting fails, especially for Mixed Martial Arts fans.

5. Robert Green Own Goal Against U.S.A.

Despite having a terrific footballing career for club and country, Goalkeeper Robert Green made an error that haunts him to this day. In a match against underdogs U.S.A., Green fumbled what was supposed to be an easy-rolling ball into his own net. It cost his team qualification in the knockout round and eliminated them from the World Cup, surely a sporting fail that the football world will never forget.

The following are some other notable sporting fails for you to check out.

  1. Higuain’s Miss vs. Germany (World Cup)
  2. Ben Askren Knockout vs. Jorge Masvidal (UFC 239)
  3. Titus O’Neil Slip (Greatest Royal Rumble)
  4. Serena Williams’ Outburst Against Umpire (U.S. Open)
  5. Bonnuci Missed Penalty vs. Spain (Euro 2016)

There are too many sporting fails to list in a single article, but the ones mentioned above will surely make you chuckle. Remember that it takes great courage to perform in a sport where anything could go wrong at any moment. Therefore, we should also respect the players we sometimes laugh at.