Free Tennis Game on Mobile – Learn How to Download

Playing tennis on your mobile device is possible, thanks to game applications that you can download. These apps are perfect for tennis fans and enthusiasts who want to be entertained and test their skills playing on a smartphone. 

From playing against a computer to strangers around the world, and even with friends via multiplayer settings, you can live out your sports dream with the Tennis Clash app. The game has a clean interface and lets players control movements using simple controls. 


The high-quality animation and effects make the game fun. Here’s a guide on how you can download Tennis Clash. Read on to know more about the app’s features, gameplay controls, leagues available, and more. 

Free Tennis Game on Mobile - Learn How to Download

What is Tennis Clash?

Tennis Clash is a mobile application that supports a 1v1 multiplayer match. Players can compete with friends and strangers to win championships and unlock exciting features, including additional players. The game also allows players to create their squad and play with other teams across the globe.

The app is free to download and is available for both iOS devices and Androids


However, there is a Premium Subscription that gives access to Pro Pass rewards and other perks

When it comes to the game’s graphics and animation, everything feels authentic. The 3D animation is responsible for the perfect portrayal of movements and behavior in court. Additionally, the animation and camera angles make it appear solid and almost real. 

What makes the game exciting is, players get to unlock semi-pro and professional players, plus get new sports arenas like Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and others. 


Game Features

The multiplayer mode supports real-time tennis matches for users to play with friends and strangers. Each game is optimized by unlocking new tricks and moves, once players win. The app also enhanced the gameplay to make it easier to score. 

The intuitive controls also are easy to learn, however, it takes a while for players to master everything, combined with new tricks. Players also get to choose the best coach and fitness trainer for the team. 

Gameplay and Strategies

As mentioned, Tennis Clash has a number of controls to serve faster, return the ball hard, and others. Some of the basic movements are enough to play with another individual, but knowing some tricks help to win leagues and tournaments.

Because players are using smartphones and tablets, the controls are only swiping and tapping on the screen. For beginners, tapping on the screen allows players to move around the court. The direction where you swipe to dictates where the ball will go. 

Swipe to pull off a shot when the ball is coming towards the player. One trick to know is that the faster you swipe, the harder you’ll hit the ball. Meanwhile, the further you swipe, the further it will go. 

Balancing these two controls is not hard work, but if you hit too hard or swipe too far, you can lose points. Slowing down the swipe easily hits the ball towards an area where you want it to land in. Accidentally overhitting the ball could also add points to your opponent’s score, so make sure to master the controls. 

Tennis Clash Tricks and Tips

Now that you know the simple and basic controls, building a strategy is the next thing to do. Some of the tricks to know include playing close to the net when playing with amateur players. Note that inexperienced players find it hard to make power shots, so they usually play safe to return the ball. 

Another trick is to play a variety of shots to confuse the opponent. You can also run a counterattack to throw them off. You can hit the ball really hard then come back to play closer to the net, or vice versa. The key here is to not keep the opponent complacent with your every move. 

Finally, it takes a lot to stay in a tournament to earn rewards intermittently. Reach the top leaderboard first before moving on to get more practice and to earn more rewards as you play. 

Free Tennis Game on Mobile - Learn How to Download


Tennis Clash is a free mobile tennis game that you can download to your phone. Play with strangers, build an excellent team, and earn more rewards. For more information, check out the Tennis Clash app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store